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 Why hate Dhotis?

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Posted on 05-24-10 6:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have never been a Dhoti fan myself, but i think there is something other than encroachments and Nepal's political dependency that's leading to the hatred. Is it our ego, competency feeling or any kind of attachment or common beliefs like food, festivals, culture, entertainment or the language adding to it?

Trust me, even i hate to see those people presenting their innovative ideas through google or microsoft on TED Talks. It Just develops my inferiority complex.
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Posted on 05-24-10 7:07 PM     [Snapshot: 4]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Go to a restaurant, even a delivery place. ask the people working in those places:  who is the cheapest costomers they have encountered in their life. In another word, who is the cheapest people in the world. You will get your answer. Thats one of the many reasons. They are the best of the worst.
Posted on 05-24-10 7:08 PM     [Snapshot: 15]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Stop watching Bollywood movies and stop listening to their songs.... the first step

Posted on 05-24-10 11:17 PM     [Snapshot: 252]     Reply [Subscribe]
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agree agree !! I have done that long time ago, i'l rather spend money on my countries movie even though its not a best one..so as bollywood..atleast my money spent on nepalese movies or songs goes to my people..create jobs n oppurtunity in our country..

i dont' see any point watching bollywood movies..there is nothing to watch y spend money ...

Posted on 05-24-10 11:53 PM     [Snapshot: 269]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dhotis are long, expensive, and comes only in one color 'white'. Of course, nowadays, most Nepalese hate it. And Katuu is flexible, comes in, OH MY, different shapes, sizes, and colors, and cheaper. Not a good news for DOGS, though. No pulling. 
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Posted on 05-25-10 4:04 AM     [Snapshot: 383]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 05-25-10 7:58 AM     [Snapshot: 429]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ok. But why we don't hate Chinese as much as we hate Dhotis? Is it due to the fact that we share so much similarity to the Dhotis and we are just jealous?

I agree to admit that i am jealous of some of 'em (like Ambanis and Mittals..lol)

Posted on 05-25-10 12:03 PM     [Snapshot: 495]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I do not have any problems with Indians or neither am I am jealous with them nor do I watch any Hindi movies or songs. I am just saying that expressing disdain against them and whining would not make any difference while you are leaned towards their culture and lifestyle.

I have seen that more than 80 % of us in States rely on them directly or
indirectly and watch and listen Bollywood productions. And unfortunately in Nepal more than 95%..... First of all
look at yourself before complaining.

I was at this Nepalese party where they beat up a few Indians who were invited to the party, kicked them out and starting dancing again on Hindi songs. In fact, very ironic and shameful.

I know the hatred is in the Nepalese blood due to their policies and politics against Nepal since the history but before that we have to stop relying on them (jobs, hindi movies/songs). If not, what are we complaining about?

Just a thought. No offense to anybody.

Posted on 05-25-10 1:49 PM     [Snapshot: 585]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am not writing in favor of or against Indians, but I am surprised why no one raised a flag about us using the term 'Dhoti' when we are quick to blame Indians when it comes to name calling. 'Dhoti' is a term derogatorily used by Nepalese individuals to demean people of Indian origins. If we dare address Indians as 'dhotis', we also must be prepared to hear Indians calling us 'Bahadurs'. Also, I find it mighty interesting how we Nepalese stereotype the entire Indian nationals as penny pinchers when India boasts the population of over one billion. Most of us encounter Indians who come from a lower middle class family or from states which are not so resourceful as Karnataka, Maharastra or few states up north. I must agree that most Andhraites, Bengalis and Biharis lack generosity when it comes to living large, but so do people from Dailekh, Okhaldhunga, Chitwan, Syangja et al. Have you ever befriended Nawabs from Aligarh or Princes from Gwalior? Also, have you ever hung out with fresh graduates from IIM or dined with executives from Tisco?

I am a full blooded Nepalese, and a true patriot on top of that, but I am more inclined towards Indians when it comes to the following:

1. Movies: 'Love Sex aur Dhokha' vs 'Karorpati', you decide which is a better.

2. Music: 'Ustad Amjad Ali Khan' vs ' Nhyu Bajracharya' - do the comparison

3. Products: 'Tata steel', 'Bournvita', 'Colgate Toothpaste' vs 'Wai wai chow chow' and 'Soatlee sabun'

4. Sports: 'Cricket', 'Hockey', 'Soccer' vs 'Cricket' and 'soccer' (and as compared to India, we suck at both).

5. Education: 75% of the modern youth in India aspire to be engineers, businessmen and scientists while the same percentage of Nepalese youths hurl stones at police.

6. India introduces nuke plants while Nepalese seethe about gautam buddha born in Nepal in sajha.

7. Significant number of us Nepalese in US and UK work for businesses owned by Indians, ever seen an Indian in US work for  Nepalese businessman in similar numbers?

We can always list multiple examples for arguments' sake, and we can always refute them as well. But with all said and done, we survive because of India.

Nas - Man! I thought you were smarter than that bro, what about Maoists (Nepalese) killing Nepalese?

DhirajOjha - I hate using strong words, but morons like you must be castrated, barbecued and fed to Barbarians.

Crazy boi - Whistling dixie eh! Noble thought, but is it prgamatic? Ask yourself.




Posted on 05-25-10 2:51 PM     [Snapshot: 632]     Reply [Subscribe]
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All "DHOTIS" are Indians but not all Indians are "DHOTIS".

What I mean to say is that there are a bunch of people who are actually good, well mannered, respectful and enjoyable (unlike their brethren).

By DHOTI the people that come to mind are vile, cheating, scum of the earth kind of trash who would make Martin Luther King wanna pick up a sten gun.

I think DHOTI is a mentality. Those with dhoti mentality deserve to get a cactus shoved up their asses... for the rest of their lives.

This DHOTI mentality is slowly shifting towards Nepal as well.  God help us.

Posted on 05-25-10 10:34 PM     [Snapshot: 793]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I would have agreed with most items in your list but to me nhyoo bajracharya is far far better than ustad amjad ali. He is one of the best music phenomenon our country has produced and he is a star. Just listen to the range and quality of music he has produced so far ranging from devotional, to pop for all artists, I suggest you do that before you start comparing.

Posted on 05-26-10 9:27 AM     [Snapshot: 892]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I did my homework before comparing, maybe you haven't done yours. Ustad Amjad Ali is globally reknowned sarod maestro, do you know what a sarod is?

Also, with all due respect, but Nyu Bajracharya,although a great musician he is, his popularity is confined only in Nepal.

Just in case you have no idea what I am talking about, see this:


vs this:




Posted on 05-26-10 11:01 AM     [Snapshot: 921]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yah right. I saw your homework.You cannot judge someone based on search results from wiki or google. Everyone knows about Nepalese media vs Indian media. And just compare the size of India vs Nepal. Due to the British colonization India has better infrastructures and is renowned all over the world and their culture is well known all over the world. Because of the cultural similarities most dumb westerners still think Nepal is also part of India because India is one of the big brothers in South East region.

Nyu Bajracharya has his own talents and they both cannot be compared. There are many factors for his less fame than Ustad. Lets call him unfortunate. You cannot compare Narayan Gopal with Eric Clapton based on the fact that Eric Clapton is known all over the world vs NG only in Nepal. If Narayan Gopal would have gone to India he would have been a well known celebrity too. Media and scope is the main factor guys.

Posted on 05-26-10 2:58 PM     [Snapshot: 974]     Reply [Subscribe]
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We survived because of India???

Sounds like inferiority complex, and other comparison are just as hilarious

By the way from time to time I` listen to the Indian music but never herd of this
Ustad Ali khan but heard of Nhu Bajracharya but haven’t yet listened to him.

You are comparing negative side of one country with positive side of another; a
better comparison is always either between positive sides or between negative sides.
I do not know what is stopping you from seeing negative side of India
and positive side of Nepal.

Now regarding why we hate Dhotis?? Read following news paper article.

Who is stopping Indians Govt to behave well with Nepal;
don’t they understand it is relation between tow countries so they have to be careful
while dealing with this situation?? If they treat Nepal
well why will we hate dhotis? You hate someone because their behaviour isn’t it?
Indians are responsible for our opinion towards them.

You can’t change the neighbour so it is always better to
treat your neighbour with respect and dignity BUT, with all education,
smartness, and wealth they behave like that. What you call a person who is well
educated, rich, hardworking and intelligent but behaves like a shit? a
cunning  fellow which you cant trust isn’t it? That’s is the reason

कोसीको धार बदल्ने
भारतीय कार्यप्रति नेपालको आपत्ति

विकास थापा

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[Disallowed String for - ] type="text/java" src="http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.js">

काठमाडौ, जेष्ठ ११ -

भारतले एकतर्फी रूपमा कोसीको पानी नेपालतर्फ बगाउन सुरु गरेको -पाइलट
च्यानलिङ) मा सरकारले आपत्ति जनाएको छ । सिँचाइ मन्त्रालयले भारतीय
दूतावासलाई मंगलबार पत्र लेख्दै नेपालको सहमतिबिना कोसीको बाढीको धार
मोड्ने कार्यप्रति तीव्र असहमति व्यक्त गरेको हो ।

कोसीमा कुनै संरचना निर्माण गर्नु परे, पूर्वाधारहरूको हेरफेर गर्नुपरे एक
अर्काको पूर्वसहमति लिनुपर्ने प्रावधान छ । मन्त्रालयको पत्रमा दुई देशबीच
कोसीको धार परिवर्तन गर्नेसम्बन्धी कुनै सहमति वा सम्झौता नभएको उल्लेख छ ।
स्रोतअनुसार पूर्वबाट पश्चिमतर्फ कोसीको धार परिवर्तन गर्दा त्यसले नेपाल
तथा भारतमा पार्ने असरको परीक्षण -मोडलिङ टेस्ट) गरिसकेपछि मात्र 'आवश्यक
परे' पाइलट च्यानलिङ गर्न सकिने सहमति भएको थियो ।

मोडलिङ टेस्टको प्रतिवेदन भारतले नदिएको अवस्थामा एकतर्फी रूपमा पाइलट
च्यानलिङ गर्न नहुने पत्रमा उल्लेख छ । 'टेस्टबाट के नतिजा आउँछ त्यससपछि
मात्र के गर्ने भन्ने सहमति भएको थियो,' गत अक्टोबरमा दुई देशका अधिकारीबीच
भएको सहमति उद्धृत गर्दै जल उत्पन्न प्रकोप नियन्त्रण विभागका एक
इन्जिनियरले कान्तिपुरलाई बताए ।

कोसीमा रहेको कति क्युसेक पानीको दिशा बदल्दा कटान तथा डुबान समस्या कस्तो
हुन्छ भन्ने परिणाम देखाउने परीक्षण नै मोडलिङ टेस्ट हो । 'यस्तो टेस्टको
नतिजा आइसकेपछि मात्र आवश्यक परे गर्न सक्ने भनिएको थियो,' ती अधिकारीले
भने, 'नतिजा आउनु त के सोधपुछसमेत नगरी बनाएकोमा आपत्ति जनाएका छौं ।'

दुई वर्षअघि कोसी फुटेर पूर्वी भाग हुँदै बिहारलाई ठूलो क्षति पुर्‍याएपछि
त्यसको धार यसैगरी फर्काउन भारतले प्रयास गरेको थियो । सिँचाइ विभागका एक
अधिकारीका अनुसार कोसीको बहाव पश्चिमतर्फ परिवर्तन गराउन त्यतिखेरै भारतीय
पक्षले दबाब दिएको थियो । 'हामीले मानेनौं,' ती अधिकारीले भने, 'पश्चिमतर्फ
कोसी बग्दा सप्तरीको ठूलो भाग डुबानमा पर्ने खतरा रहन्छ ।

भारतले केही दिनदेखि नेपाली सीमामा पर्ने सप्तरीको भारदहदेखि गोबरगाढासम्म
पाइलट च्यानल निर्माण गरिरहेको छ । भारतले च्यानलिङ गरेको ठाउँबाट कोसी
बहँदा सप्तरीको भारदह, जोगनिया, हनुमाननगर, इनरुवा, रम्पुरामल्हानिया,
सकरपुरा, गोबरगाढा, तिलाठी, लौनियालगायत दर्जन गाउँ डुबानमा पर्ने नेपाली
प्राविधिकले चेतावनी दिएका छन् । यता सिँचाइ विभागले भारतले निर्माण
गरिरहेको च्यानलिङ कार्यको स्थलगत अध्ययन गरी तत्काल रिपोर्ट दिन
विराटनगरस्थित क्षेत्रीय सिँचाइ निर्देशनालयका डिभिजनल इन्जिनियर दिनेश
रजौरियालाई मंगलबार निर्देशन दिएको छ ।

Posted on 05-26-10 3:08 PM     [Snapshot: 978]     Reply [Subscribe]
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To each his own half kattu, I was just calling spade a spade. I understand your frustration with the media, but then there should at least be some amount of credibility given to one's talent. Also, if you do not trust the media what makes you think I trust you? FYI, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan is not praised by mere Indian Media, he is a musician par excellence internationally, even western media raves about him.

Posted on 05-26-10 3:10 PM     [Snapshot: 987]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mr _____,

Yawwwwwwwn! if you did not hear about Amjad Ali, I just lost my couple of IQ points just replying back to you.

Posted on 05-26-10 3:45 PM     [Snapshot: 996]     Reply [Subscribe]
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That is what happens when you are drowned by indian media, you always loos IQ when you reply to a logical posting. After few more replies your IQ will be zero.

and western media raves about him?? dont you think you need proof for  this??? may be one or two of his white chelas (if there is any) may have written something but "western media raves about him"???? too much corrupted by indian media and wikipedia articles written by indians.

Posted on 05-26-10 3:55 PM     [Snapshot: 1014]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mr ________,

Explain 'drown' to me and explain 'loos'. Sorry to be harsh, but I am not able to understand the point you are trying to send across. So who do you believe? Nepali media, steered by great 'Rishi Dhamala'?

Posted on 05-26-10 3:59 PM     [Snapshot: 1001]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@your anus- I dont give a rats ass about who UStad Amjad Ali is. try to come to a point here. if you are a big fan of that Ustad, dont try to advocate and demean any other artists. There are die hard fans of those artists too just like you are of that Ustad. Media does play a very crucial role in these things. Thats why half the
world still considers Buddha was born in India which was brain washed by
indian and western media to the whole world when there was no internet and Nepal was out of touch due to poor media.

Btw being a great fan of or knowing about Ustad Amjad Ali Khan does not mean you have a good IQ dumba$$. "your anus" sounds better for you than uranus.

Posted on 05-26-10 4:06 PM     [Snapshot: 1028]     Reply [Subscribe]
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hahhaah, yeah now I need to explain you about typo??? Looks
like your ustad aali khan based IQ became zero already. Instead of substantiating
your point you started with typo no wonder you need Indians to survive.


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