Posted by: half_kattu May 26, 2010
Why hate Dhotis?
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@your anus- I dont give a rats ass about who UStad Amjad Ali is. try to come to a point here. if you are a big fan of that Ustad, dont try to advocate and demean any other artists. There are die hard fans of those artists too just like you are of that Ustad. Media does play a very crucial role in these things. Thats why half the
world still considers Buddha was born in India which was brain washed by
indian and western media to the whole world when there was no internet and Nepal was out of touch due to poor media.

Btw being a great fan of or knowing about Ustad Amjad Ali Khan does not mean you have a good IQ dumba$$. "your anus" sounds better for you than uranus.
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