Posted by: uranus May 27, 2010
Why hate Dhotis?
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Half Kattu,

All was well between us before you started calling names. Trust me your belligerent reply was simply uncalled for. Also, I wish you could see me smiling to see you fuming and calling me a dumba#$. I played with your emotions didn't I? I do not blame you for your inability to pen down criticism effectively, also I do not blame you for your outburst. People like you (and look at you, you could not even craft a credible pseudonym for heaven's sake, half kattu is sooooo ghetto!)often take refuge in invectives because of poor upbringing and lack of choice of words. I pity your parents. Guess that makes your blood pressure escalate even more. LOL!

Mr _____,

I still didn't get what you were implying, clarity please? Or could you please type in devanagiri?

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