How to renew Nepali Passports in USA
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How do I renew a Nepali Passport in the USA and How long does it take to receive it? I am trying to understand how early I can apply? Any other information like how much does it cost? Please let time know.

Thank you in advance.
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Start here:


I read lots of old posts from Sajha around that time and renewed to MRP. Do look for other old posts, trying different combinations in search box.

Some of the important things I recall are:

# A4 size paper and printing the form in that paper at home. I ordered the paper on Amazon, but you can do various techniques such as cutting B2 or B4 whatever it is called to A4. Use some ideas yourself.

# You have to send the self addressed empty envelope with the ticket with other materials so that the embassy can send the passport back, so act accordingly.

# Calling the embassy might be a headache just so you know.

# Have patience while on the waiting game.

Good luck!
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