renewing passport via nepalese embassy
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has anyone renewed passport via the embassy in DC? My passport is expiring on December and I don't have a concrete idea what to do......
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Thanks riddle.....really appreciate the info...It is a simple thing to know, but im new to the country and need help getting around !!!!
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Recent experience: The embassy replied my two emails (during the past 2 weeks) within 24 hours with all the information I needed. Email seems to be a good way to ask any questions you may have.
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Did anyone receive passport before 3 months by chance? I applied on October 25 and my passport is still being processed in Nepal. Embassy's email now says it takes 'at least' 3 months
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I got it back in about 80 days.
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Mine took 4 months but I'm guessing it took 'em an extra month due to Dashain, Tihar, Chhath, Nyu Dya Bhintuna, et al.
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With the passport application, do we have to send a return envelop also?
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Yes, you do.
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@Sparty, please read the following page once. Do exactly what they ask for and the process will be much smoother.

Requirements to apply for a new passport

1.     Two sets of passport application form. Forms should be downloaded in A4 size paper. ( Please note that  A4 size paper is not easily available in USA). If you are not able to download the form, please email your postal address to receive the application form and guidelines from the Embassy.

2.     Original Nepali citizenship certificate  and current original Nepali  passport

3.     Original Nabalak Parichaya Patra (Minor Identity Card )(if the applicant is under 16)

4.     Marriage Certificate where applicable (Original is required)

5.     Two copies of each documents enclosed with the application.

6.     Three copies of color photographs, taken within six months, with specified particulars; Particulars of photograph & Photo Template

7.     If applying by post a paid return envelope

8.     Fees

Passport - US $ 150.00 (US dollars one hundred and fifty) and Lost Passport Replacement: US$300(US Dollars Three Hundred only)

Travel Document       US $ 40.00 (US dollars forty)
Temporary Passport   US $ 20.00 (US dollars twenty)

Applicants are requested to make money order or cashier's cheque only payable to the Embassy of Nepal for the payment of passport fees.  Personal check is not accepted. Also requested to mention applicant's name, address & contact No. in the Money Order/Cashier's Cheque.
9.     Passport Application Form  ( It should be downloaded properly in A4 size paper)

10.    Guidelines to fill out passport application form 

11.    Guidelines to print out passport application form 

12.   Please read the guidelines and instructions carefully and thoroughly before filling and printing out the application form. Machines will not read the data in the application forms if the instructions are not followed strictly.

13.   Please ensure that signature and finger prints are confined to the specified boxes at the bottom of the application form.

14.   Embassy is not responsible for any documents lost in post.

15.   Submission of forged documents and making false deceleration relating to citizenship is a punishable offence.  Fees will not be refunded in such circumstances.

16.   Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicants. Embassy will not bear postal service charges.

17.   Applications should be mailed to 2131 Leroy Place, NW, Washington D.C. 20008.

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I got my new passport today.
MRP पासपोर्टको निबेदन दुतावास पुगेको: नोभेम्बर १२, २०१३
Issued : December 16, 2013
Passport received: February 5, 2014
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Thanks for the info
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One of the instructions for the application for passport renewal says " Original or notarized copy of marriage certificate is required in case the applicant wishes to change the surname after marriage. "
What should a person do if she has already changed her surname in her passport? The citizenship card still has her maiden name. Should she still send the marriage certificate? Does anybody has similar experience. Thanks in advance.
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"What should a person do if she has already changed her surname in her passport? The citizenship card still has her maiden name. Should she still send the marriage certificate?"

You should pick up the phone and call the embassy, inquiring about it. That's what you should do.
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What an embarrassment to come on Sajha and ask about passport problems. If Nepal Embassy was a great organization to solve problem via email/phone or their website, we would not be asking question here. Nepal is only worried to promote to change flag, national anthem song, regional language, free state, exact paper size, great picture with no shadow behind, exact signature to draw money from bank, whole ancestor names to open a bank account etc but being in USA, an organisation has never adopted great customer skills. I think people work in embassy are all political appointees. Do they come to Sajha and read our comment and drag from here to solve problems??
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Just a simple question, where did you guys print the form in A4 size paper like in staples, fedex and where did you took the photos too? As I don't want to take chance for the forms to return for a simple mistake. And what does " If applying by post a paid return envelope" means/

Any inputs will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
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I bought A4 size paper from Amazon. Took photos myself and printed at Walmart. "If applying by post …." means if you are not applying in person, you have to send a paid return envelope. You can go to FedEx location and tell them you want a paid return envelope.

Hope that helps.
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How did you guys finger stamp ?
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ghintang_ I used stamp pad for that
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go to dollar store and get a stamp pad
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I believe I went to HR department and used their stamp pad. I'm sure banks have 'em, too.
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