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Posted on 04-02-07 10:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sometimes someone are so hard to forget!! Thoughts hunting you each moment! But again, I believe in leaving behind all memories and move on to catch new ones! The heart speaks the language which brain can't control but can only desire to keep it under its par! But still somethings heart do is not right!! I won't be judgmental about you, But for me I have got over my heart and moved on; still sometimes thoughts hunts as tiny myriads and I just wish to throw my heart away!! A very good read John! I enjoyed every sentence, every words and every letters! Felt like reading my own story!! :) Keep moving on; Thats all life is about!! :D
The postings in this thread span 5 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 04-05-07 8:08 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Wait for a second here! This is a lively discussion on a very simple issue. I would say there are NO rules only expectations that the both parties would follow what is agreed upon (poor McCartney thought that pre-nup was unromantic, Big Mistake!) or what society expects before the marriage was solemnized, like the good old parable, "Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you." But what if the others don't have the same taste or organs could be Nails' argument. j/k ;P HAHAHA!
Posted on 04-05-07 8:20 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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LOL! well, all i can say is i can smell hypocrisies in Nail's part :P..... correct me if i am wrong but what the heck with "rules" now? there ain't any rules. it's just the way one feels is right, hence the rule. agree on that but would you feel good if your future husband --god forbids-- go around sleeping with numerous women? okay fine, he will be kinda like "liberal" and will offer the same thing to you but would you do that just for the sake of "tit for tat" ? i am sorry for myself as i did not really want to discuss this issue as i read this thread to enjoy the literary work of Galt but certainly i would NOT --never ever-- believe in falling in love with multiple partners at the same time. it's NOT disjoint meaning, you canNOT be loving two persons at the same time-- one or both of those kinda love is nothing but a mere HALLUCINATION! :P ....WAKE UP!!! :D LooTe
Posted on 04-05-07 9:20 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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since i've already broken the ice, please allow me the leverage to yap even more :P i can put myself on Galt's shoes and feel what he did was not completely incomprehensible to my mind. human being is a weak animal when it comes to certain emotions and we are prone to wrongdoings. everything is like an addiction. a smoker smokes because he cannot get his mind out of it. he knows its no good for him but still can't help doing it. i am trying to analyze this situation on a neutral basis. correct me if i tend to become biased to a side. to me, in this case, there ain't any question of what is wrong or what is right, what is moral or what is immoral, what is ethical or what is unethical and whether things are within the boundary of the set of rules set by the so-called society. i would like to see this in absolute terms not relative. your love for parents/relatives/friends/well-wishers cannot be compared with that for your life-partner. you are his/her soul-mate and "sole" mate. why didn't Romeo has two Juliets? Why was Juliet not able to love Tom, Dick or Harry as much as she did Romeo? okay fair enough, they were TRUE lovers and world now has become too business oriented. even then, what i feel is, if the love and respect that one has for his/her partner is COMPLETE, he/she will never fall for another being. the tendency arises only if: 1) you're not serious about him/her 2) you're not getting what you want from him/her 3) "grass is greener on the other side" thing starts to take you over all these cases are aftermath of being in hallucination which is a myth....not it's counterpart called "real" which is being in LOVE. :P that said, to me, john is in his own league of honesty. he wrote something that others would perhaps not even talk with their close ones. if this was a note from a guilt-ridden person, which it could very well be :P, then i would plead him NOT guilty :P LooTe
Posted on 04-05-07 9:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Even though my own moral views on the subject are probably closer to Meera's than John's or Nail's, I do think there are lots of people out there - men and women - who have learnt to deal with cheating without letting it disrupt their lives too much. When I say I can relate to the viewpoints expressed by Nails and John, I guess I am refering more to how people have come to accept cheating as part of life regardless of whether it is the man or woman who is doing it. Often we tend to associate cheating largely, or in some cases solely, with the act of copulation (oopsy, a bit direct there but couldnt put it any other way) which I beleive is to miss the forest for the trees. I recently read an article on MSN, the link to which I cant seem to find now, that differentiated how societies around the world have learnt to handle cheating in different ways. How, over the years, some European societies have come to treat cheating as much less of a cataclysmic act than most of American society. Nails - jeez, sorry to hear about that. My best wishes :) Hey, btw, you should visit the Nautankiland thread sometimes :D Hope that wasn't too off topic. Thanks John again for this write-up that seems to have brought out some very interesting opinions on the subject of cheating. If this discussion is getting way off base, it might be a good idea to start a new thread, so that the focus of this one remains on the writers work.
Posted on 04-06-07 7:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Newuser jyu, Long time, कस्तो माया मार्या भन्या ? यतिका दिनसम्म. Thank you for your valuable comments, most fail to understand the fact that I did not mean to underscore the persona of a character, it could be a fact or fiction - for if I am a pervert, I might as well be a liar. It is the ramification of one’s imagination that brings sequestered desires out in the open, through scrupulous use of words. The character John Galt is worth loathing, but if the writer is admired a little, my mission has been fulfilled. Meera, For a dear friend like you, I could never be upset. This was an unconventional and sensitive issue, and therefore animadversions were expected. Honestly, adulation for an ordinary writer like me become so saccharine sweet at times, I tend to find refuge in criticisms. But yes, there was a missing point on your reply, our physical intimacy was limited to certain extent – we never slept. But then once you love someone, intimacy finds its own way. The only saving grace I find to defend myself is that I am not a sex addict who finds pleasure in sleeping with numerous females furtively. If this story is true, it is an accident, a gridlock which was difficult to overcome. Sitara, The speech deserves a Gatorade, infact a glass of good wine; that is what makes you so special. Alike you, I believe in the labyrinth of literature where words are woven to precision and sentences to brevity that invent a story everyone finds interesting to read. Jirajyu, दर्शन हजुर, कता बाट भर्खर आज झुल्किबक्स्या. Thanks for reading as usual. अनि हामीले चाँही रितिका अपडेट हेर्दा कसरी थाहा पाएनौं त, थर बेग्लिये पनि सिताराज्यू को नाम त उहि थियो होला. Nails chori, Thanks for complying with me, love finds its own way, and who says sex, with love is derogatory? The bottomline of my pst was a tabooed love story where people react as they must. But the question is, it is just an ordinary literary work, as far as a content goes, there is a mistake followed by brutal confession, why be holier than thou when we all are subjected to err? Hyde, True, when there is not rule then let me be prejudiced and say – Why follow a vaccum? But then there are expectations, yes - that is what makes us humans from animals. But I am not talking about an animal like impulse either; it is just a deviation in being a perfect human being. Pervertedmind, Thanks for quoting BP, he was a narrator par excellence when it came to writing his biography and other events in life. BP had once told his wife about abandoning everything except extra marital relationship, and that he simply could not do it. Some men are born that way, even when they do not want to, and so are some women. Morally it is wrong, but then 'we' set the morals. Just like a callow grouchy youth trying to bring down the senate, there are some malcontent people like me who thwart the so called boundaries of society. Heck I am just talking about admiring someone besides my wife, I am not even talking about a passionate episode. Haddock, Your replies are one of a kind. I wonder how you manage to write such succinct answers to every question put forth by writers. You and very few got the point, I am not here to display my less than ordinary love affair, rather I wanted a flow-controlled and concise narration of a confused human being so that valued visitors like you’d find it worth reading. Period. Lootejyu, I agree with your deliberation, but then there are million others who had loved more than a single consort all their life, why are you still dwelling over archaic love stories? The key word is serendipity, not premeditation. Confounding yourself between these two words would put me in the category of illicitness. Being love-struck and looking for love to be struck are two different issues.
Posted on 04-07-07 7:46 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hey jg bro!!:oD hehe...a lil bird had told me to check here..and yeah a bit late..but another enjoyable one there!!:oD and yeah wont really babble much about the tonnes of similarities/familiarity u mentioned..but yeah..one thing i have to say..with Specs!(not sunnies) just makes u feel smthin else doesnt it ;o) hehe.. hope alls well there..good day!:oD and oh a bit late.. but Sitara jyu..congrats from my side!whom shud i be congratulating more?him or u?;oP hehe..well for now to both!:oD...no wonder ones been quite gone eh?understood!;oP hehe..good day too!:oD
Posted on 04-07-07 10:44 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks Galt and once again keep up the good work. Almost forgot to congratulate Sitara :) My best wishes for a lifetime of happiness, Sitara.
Posted on 04-07-07 12:43 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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WOW..another captivating story, Mr. Galt! It's amazing how you have depicted the tiny psychological details. Indeed, a good read !! There is no other way to describe women's mood swings in a better way. :-)
Posted on 04-07-07 3:56 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 04-07-07 4:56 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hehe johnjyu, i was only yelping gibberish in response to some of the comments that came up, which i could have laughed off easily but the overtly opinionated person, that i am, doesn't fall short on putting forth opinions every now and then :P. i certainly did comprehend the confused state of the protagonist (or is it antagonist :P) in the story and i can only read it and applaud the way you narrated his psyche. not that my personal view owns any gravity here, but while i do understand his state, i could not personally relate to it not because it's unorthodox but because it does not seem to come out from the person which i am. tetti matra ho. i am not denying it could be possible and/or it could well be morally correct. that said, who knows? 5 years down the line, and i may be on the same boat :P btw, this thread rocks even more with all these comments that came out of the minds which were made to think hard by the story you narrated. kudos to you for that! LooTe
Posted on 04-07-07 5:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Cell phone certainly is a devil, I called HER; almost sure SHE would respond so I could thank her for everything, she never did. I called HER yet again, two more times the same day, once when drunk. Perhaps I was harassing HER, but it was beyond my comprehensive level in that love-struck realm. Jhon Bro, TOTALLY agree!!! MOBILE, no doubt is DEVIL......enjoyed your piece greatly.. Im just wondering when r u gonna publish a book or you have already done???
Posted on 04-08-07 8:38 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dannyboy, Aaaargh!!!! Yes you replied late, and I am incumbent to reply back in this moribund thread, did not quite get your point there but yes, I feel different everyday. Thanks for visiting bro, means a lot. Anytime captain, BTW, I am in Boston at the moment, if you live around, maybe we can meet for lunch. Just let me know. Nepal ko chora, Thanks for reading, I be there are better ways to delineate feminine mood swings, or whatever they are, I just portrayed what i saw. Thanks Bodmas. Appreciate your visit. Dear erudite lootejyu, Should have been a shrink, what are you doing as an engineer hau? I savor your reply everytime you write back and I commend your time defying contribution here at sajha. Yes, everyone is subjected to an opinion, and then debates too. Not everyone has the same perspective, yet we should analyse the every possible facets and respect them regardless of our own personal beliefs. Thanks for contributing for this soon to be defunct thread. Amazing, Thanks for reading, as far as the book goes, i am still a puerile writer. I shall be a little more comfortable with that idea if sarahana lets me write at samudaya.
Posted on 04-08-07 6:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey John: Have read 'Truth, Love and Little Malice' by Khuswant Singh. If u haven't please read that. I am cocksure u will love it and I personally regard hm for his HONESTY as Manjushree Thapa has also dedicated one of her books in the name of his honesty. Its one of the most humorous books I have ever come across.
Posted on 04-08-07 6:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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sorry for typo I mean Have u ....
Posted on 04-09-07 6:48 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Pervertedmind, You are still not getting enough of this thread are you? I thought it was decimated until you revived it back. I am very pleased to say that the focus of discussion has shifted back to literature from mere appreciations, accusations and arraignments. I never read that book, no, certainly not. But it would be unfair to say that I am not aware of the contents. My father suggested me to read that particular Khuswant singh's creation as soon as it was published few years ago, but then I was still going through some books of other famous Indian writers like Manil Suri, Pankaj Mishra and Vikram Seth. Although Indian writers are brilliant, their creations never are absolute page turners and therefore lackluster in making an interesting read demands a lot of time. However, I own the other book, by Manjushree Thapa, "forget kathmandu: An elegey for democracy". And as you said earlier, she has dedicated her book to Singh, for his honesty. See, all virtues come with little vices, BP Koirala was a womanizer, so was Nehru, Clinton and now Singh. As long as their wives and other amorous partners are comfortable with the fact and they run their office with ease, why should one ponder what is going on? Khusbant Singh was honest enough to reveal his supposedly a little "intimate" relationship with Indira Gandhi and her rebel daughter in law, Maneka. Perhaps too bold to be true, but then it is Khusbant Singh, who once dared to return Padma Bhusan.
Posted on 04-09-07 8:17 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks John for your response. I assure you, that book will be an absolute page turner. He has revealed not one but numerous intimate relationships, apart from that it is full of wit and humor and he is able to make a clown of himself. Anyway keep on writing John. Hope we could hear many from you in coming days. Good luck.
Posted on 04-09-07 10:42 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ummm I have read ur thingies before... and all I can say about this one is you are brave enough to write the crap and admit that you were an idiot! BRAVO... nothing book worthy here but if you do decide to write one... dedicate it to ME for my Honesty will ya :D
Posted on 04-09-07 1:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Perverted, I laud you for bringing up Khushwant Singh's name. (For people who have not read Mr Singh's works, if you start reading then you will stop making Sardarji jokes.LOL!) Yes, I do love his simplicity and beauty in his writing. After all whoever said the following seem right. "A good writer is like a criminal in some way. How? It's because both prefer short sentences" From English composition one I remember another quote about using words appropriately which goes somewhat like. "One does not need to use a dollar-worth word where one of a dime-worth will suffice" Keep up the good work Mr Galt and other writers on Sajha. :)
Posted on 04-10-07 5:42 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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jg bro since im here ;oP hehe.. anyways well moribund thread re?haha..thats wat u think mister ;oP hehe..somethings live forever..for a long time dun they?anyways i took ur incumbency in a good way hai..if not malai ta obligatory sundai uurghh..cant stop thinkin about someone being forced to do smthing :oS hehe..yeah thats just me :oS hehe .. kya kare..maan magta hain..je kare toh dil se kare(haha dunno how to type it in hindi :oS..hope that effort makes some sense hehe).. enuf said this thread is goin back up and hope some folks who missed it might notice it and get a chance to enjoy it like im sure lots have..i know i have :oD.. and oh thanks for visiting re?duh!i wasnt visiting!i was lookin out(time to time re kya ;oP hehe)..so thanks for showin up re kya!;o) hehe..and about the "glasses" i thot u understand!!naheeen!!!no one understands me :o( ;oP hehe..well to explain it more clearly(which i shud try to do more often hoina?:oS hehe)...was reffering to this sentence of urs "I have a fondness for intelligent, intense and strong women; women with glasses.." hehe...well i dunno if its fondness but yeah.. just cant stop feeln smthin about glasses(not sunnies..tho that gives a diff kinda feeln re kya ;oP hehe) when the other gender wears them ;oP hehe..maybe the mind subconciously starts thinkn about intellegence?urghh generalization and the brainwashin we went thru and cant get over :oS hehe.. ok outta here ..hope most of wat i typed was comprehensible..if it wasnt..duh!wat did u expect from me!;oP hehe..feeln quite good today :oD (which kinda scares me :o| hehe).. hope ur feeln good there :oD...for now..i shall go back to "lookn out" ;oP..good day!:oD
Posted on 04-12-07 2:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Your confessions brought a smile to my face . I have seen it all JG. My mom still laughs at my pa for this,actually we all do. Attraction is always there, call it love or anything, it is all self defined. But at the end of the day you want to come back to where you belong, rite? Men are always men and the funny part is that women have to understand this very well .

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