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Today here, gone tomorrow

World is a small village
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02/29/2008 09:11 AM: कोमल त्यो तिम्रो बदनमा झुल्न मन लाग्यो
02/18/2008 10:58 AM: तुमको देखा तो यह खयाल आया
02/07/2008 01:04 AM: Aimless in London : Travel Diary
01/30/2008 07:52 PM: You were my real ROSE- 1
01/20/2008 04:56 PM: Home- Far away from Nepal
02/10/2007 04:35 PM: Will you be my Valentine?
12/30/2006 07:40 PM: Two Nepali Girls
11/26/2006 01:36 AM: Journey towards Heaven
11/18/2006 01:50 AM: Inside a Cabin Restaurant
11/13/2006 05:09 PM: Seems like Yesterday-- Good old days
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