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Posted on 03-13-07 8:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hello all sajhaties, this is my attempt to cure some of our ICC Cricket World cup fever by playing online version of World Cup cricket (to the one who doesnt like cricket: do not worry it will not consist of too many rules and it certainly wont take your whole day either)....it will be more like of a prediction game ....the similar to what we earlier did during NFL...i was highly impressed y it and huge number of responses...i can only hope it will be the same for WC Cricket ...so here is what is in store for the game: PREDICTION MODEL You must predict: 1. The game outcome (team 1 win, team 2 win or draw) 2. The margin of victory (i.e. runs difference AND wickets difference*) * In cricket the judge of victory is determined by the coin toss, and as we won't know until each game starts how the victory will be determined, you must pick both options. Points are awarded as follows: Win Point (WP) 1.0 (for round robin, Super 8), 2 (for semi-finals), and 3 (for the final) Margin Point (MP) 0.5 (A Margin Point will be awarded to every player whose margin prediction is within 30 runs of the real run margin or 3 wickets of the real wicket margin. You must correctly predict the winner of the game in order to qualify for a Margin Point.) Bonus Point (BP) 1.0 Scored by player(s) whose margin prediction(s) is/are the closest to the actual margin. Each if the players will get 1 whol epoint point in case of ties. Once again, you must get the game outcome right (i.e. earn a WP) in order to qualify for BP. i didn't make it too completed, did i ? I will provide the scoreboard (which will be in an Excel spreadsheet, remember its online version we are playing) every week on saturdays after the saturday's game outcome so, we ready for the toss? P.S. There will be a 'trophy' for the winner ...the more the number of players, the bigger the trophy. It's a promise that wil lbe kept.

The postings in this thread span 11 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 04-24-07 10:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am hoping AUS vs SA will be the match of the turnament. Today's match didnot turn out to be so. Whoever wins, we want a memorable match - you could always come back - just like the 1999 match. Recent finals have always been one sided - so may be this will be the time see a tight contest. Good luck to aussies and proteases and all the supporters
Posted on 04-25-07 10:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Result of Game 2: 2nd Semi-final: South Africa 149 (43.5 ov) Australia 153/3 (31.3 ov) Australia won by 7 wickets (with 111 balls remaining) "Once again, South Africa were not able to play their best game in a big match. It was South Africa's lowest one-day score in a World Cup. Their top order combusted and eight of their batsmen got themselves out. It was a massive under-performance that added to the emptiness of the World Cup. Their reputation will persist." "A clinical performance from the defending champions and the dominated this game from the off. The last few hours have been pretty poor for neutrals, dreadful for South Africans, but that's not Australia's fault. They have done the business and will meet Sri Lanka on Saturday in a re-match of the 1996 final."
Posted on 04-26-07 11:22 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is where we stand before the Saturday's the fianle. There is a huge upset that you can see here in the Sajha World Cup too, but that was expected anyways right? Thats what make cricket such a popular game! So, here I present you the result of WEEK 7 before Final to give everyone an idea where you and your opponents stand. Start brainstorming now guys and think about game plan for final, just like what Pointing and Jaysuriya might be doing right at this moment.

Posted on 04-26-07 11:32 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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And here is your one last pick. A pick that can mean 'make it or break it' for many of you. Saturday, April 28 The Final of ICC World Cup 2007: Australia Vs Sri Lanka.
Posted on 04-26-07 1:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Saturday, April 28 The Final of ICC World Cup 2007: Australia Vs Sri Lanka. SLK wins AUS 45 runs 0r 2 wkts
Posted on 04-26-07 2:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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3+1.5+3 = 7.5 points for grab! Go guys ! It just takes one game to tumble down to 5th !
Posted on 04-26-07 4:39 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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aturday, April 28 The Final of ICC World Cup 2007: Australia Vs Sri Lanka. SLK wins AUS 25 runs 0r 4 wkts
Posted on 04-26-07 9:37 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Is this like France Brazil in 1998? who whould have ever thought France will win 3-0? Is cricket as unpredictable as football? I dont think so... Its quite predictable. Upsets do come but quite rare. I did the prediction in Football world cup too - with goal differences but it was tough! not as easy as cricket. is it because - aussies are a class above all? Hope SL have a little bit of twist to add to this WC
Posted on 04-26-07 10:56 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I disagree with you here Tusaro I think cricket is more unpredictable than Football (Soccer). For instance, with all the due respect for the improving Nepali cricket team, but truth being, we are still the under dogs...however, if history is to be turned, we have beat the world class teams like South africa, England, Pakistan to name a few....it has never happened in football, and it would come as a big surpise if it will ever happen soon If you think prediting the result of final between Australia and Sri lanka is easy, i will only say its too early to say....many people might had said the same for 1996 Final !
Posted on 04-27-07 2:32 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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SL wins by 34 runs. period.
Posted on 04-27-07 4:08 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Had a wonderful WC 2007. Thanks, borny buddy for this thread. Would have loved to make a big score but unfortunately, couldn't play a couple of sessions and that made the difference. I loved being part of this game on sajha, enjoyed every moment! Tomorrow is the Big Day! From the outset, I always wanted to see SL on the final. They made it and now two best teams will battle for the crown, its anybody's game. The team coping with the pressure on the crunch game will, no doubt, emerge victrious. Being an avid fan of SL team, i will not give a second thought to my prediction. My pick for the final: Saturday, April 28, The Final of ICC World Cup 2007: Australia Vs Sri Lanka. SL wins by 63 runs or 5 wickets! ((((((GO SL GO)))))) (((((((GO SL GO)))))))) (((((((GO SL GO)))))))) ((((((GO SL GO)))))))
Posted on 04-27-07 4:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Saturday, April 28, The Final of ICC World Cup 2007: Australia Vs Sri Lanka. AUS wins by 38 runs or 4 wickets ... Lets see !
Posted on 04-27-07 9:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Srilanka win by 110 runs or 4 wickets
Posted on 04-27-07 10:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I would love to see SL wins final and lift the World Cup.But I do not see,SL is better enough to beat Australia.So,my prediction is little different than my wish. Aus wins World Cup Final by 80 runs or 6 wickets. I wish this prediction could be wrong.
Posted on 04-28-07 12:35 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sril Lanka will win the ICC World Cup 2007 by 30 runs or 3 wickets. Thats my prediction and my pick for the final. All the Best Sril Lanka !!!
Posted on 04-28-07 1:12 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Too much talking is done by Australia altely and I think they should let their cricket talk. I think it will be a low scoring thriller. It all depends upon what murali comes up with. Looks like spin is going to play a significant part in it (England - Bangala match). I am going with Australian win though . I will say 35 runs or 4 wickets. All the best to all and enjoy watching it. it will be nice if ppl participated in this forum to cheer their team tomorrow during the match time.
Posted on 04-28-07 8:02 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Australia v Sri Lanka, World Cup final, Barbados Two shiny teams fight for glory Rahul Bhattacharya April 27, 2007 It has fallen upon this final at the great venue of Kensington Oval, Barbados, not just to deliver a champion of the world but to save face for the game on its biggest stage. For all its supposed wonderful health, the tripe dished out over the past two months has been an embarrassment. All the proper players in the world plus a few others were put in the most evocative of destinations and look what they came up with. It was hoped the last week might rescue the tournament. Nothing of the sort. Two one-sided romps and fans asking each other when? In lovely St Lucia on Wednesday the occasion failed to feel like a World Cup semi-final. In inviting bids that covered a wide range of requirements the organisers may have been trying to do the fair thing. But what price a cricket culture? As absent as it was in St Lucia, so unmissable it is in Barbados. Cricket sprouts out of the very earth of Barbados. More than any other Caribbean territory, and by extension any place in the world, cricket has been its making, it has described its society, its culture, its life, its times. Whether or not there will be local flavour at the ground - even in Barbados it is not uncommon to be told they'd just sit this one out thank you, and be back when regular cricket comes around - the ethos of cricket is in the air. This thing matters, it is reassuring to feel. Two teams have shone in the ninth World Cup and their anticipated match-up is the closest fans have been able to come to a wet dream in the tournament. Australia and Sri Lanka do their thing and at their best they have between them all of cricket covered. Mahela Jayawardene, in whom captaincy has brought out the player of the calibre observers had detected from an early age, has spoken again and again about Sri Lanka needing to play their own brand of cricket. There is a defiance to this. We do not need to be Australia to beat 'em. South Africa tried it and failed, he said. What it means is that Australia's power can be deflected rather than met head-on. It is relevant in the nature of the general vibe, and it is certainly in the batting - the Lankans prefer twirling to belting - but in the most vital aspect these two teams are more similar to each other than any other. Each has the kind of bowling line-ups usually found on paper, where specifications can be constructed to fancy. The first over is bowled by a slyly tormenting pin-point left-arm swinger at 125kph. His new-ball partner is normally a firebrand slingshot of terrible pace and inexplicable method. Each has a wrist-spinner of mystery who has had a superb tournament. Hereabouts Sri Lanka have the edge, for no matter the excellence of the Australian trio, there is something more to be said for the greatness of Chaminda Vaas and especially Muttiah Muralitharan. The difference is in the other specialist bowler. Australia have Glenn McGrath. And McGrath it is who will enjoy this Barbados pitch more than any bowler in contemporary cricket, especially if he should get to use it first. He certainly did a fortnight ago with three wickets in his opening spell in the rout of Ireland. McGrath has never really needed more than an off stump and an outside edge to aim at. Giving him bounce is presenting him nail, hammer and coffin. He is hoping it will do for Sanath Jayasuriya as it has done several times down under. If a weakness must be found in Australia it is that they haven't been fully tested, though if it was any other way it would have been undoubtedly played up as proof of their vulnerability. So dominant have they been that, for instance, Michael Hussey has got just two hits in the last six games, and he didn't get past nine runs in the first four, mostly because he came in so late. Moreover, as Jayawardene says: "They are human." "This game doesn't get any bigger," Ricky Ponting, the finest batsman and leader of the best team in the world, said. "For guys who have been around quite a while like myself this is the reason you still play the game." A Sri Lankan win will be the bigger story, for it will be as much a case of winning against the odds of the system as Australia's would be direct product of theirs. Whenever Jayawardene has been asked about the '96 World Cup he has answered within a historical context which suggests an awareness of both what the game means to the country and what it means to be good at the game. From amateurism to world champions in such a short time was one of the remarkable stories of the game, and if Jayawardene's men can rise to this success from the pit of power-mongering and chaos that is the administration of Sri Lankan cricket then it may be almost comparable. And even as the team arose this morning in the Caribbean, back home the international airport at Colombo was closed for fear of an LTTE strike. In times of trouble citizens turn to sport for hope and those of Sri Lanka could use some now. Let us hope for a glistening, fabulous, luminous match, a match that brings forward the finest, most varied skills of the game in the most challenging of circumstances in the most stirring of ambiences: a match which does the sport proud, a match which leaves a shining gloss on this long and largely despondent affair.

Posted on 04-28-07 6:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Man, I was right on spot of 38 runs when they had "won" it when the light was offered. Damn the umpires, hahaha
Posted on 04-29-07 2:56 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well its all over now and congratulations to Australia and commiserations to Srilanka and the rest of the teams that came with high hopes, expectations. Especially South Africa and New Zealand who came with high hopes. Bangladesh and Ireland are also worthy some praise for their brave shows! Thanks a lot for all who participated in this virtual WCC 2007. It was a great turnament of our own. born_to_rule did all the hardwork as an organizer with all the stats to keep and to check all the time for the predictions to make sure they were on time. Amazing and you are the absolute winner of this event! Everyday to update the scores and keep track of how turnament was progressing. Well done! amamush, sa54, hi_nanu test005 and lately freak_alien all were impressive and great champions. I must admit and tell the truth and pick my 3 best opponents - hi_nanu, test005 and freak_alien. These guys joined the turnaments late but mad an impressive predictions. I enjoyed a lot and was something to look forward everyday! Great and have fun with other turnaments. May be twenty20? Lets see
Posted on 05-06-07 12:55 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Let me start with a big apology to all the players of Sajha World Cup for not being able to publish the final result on time. I had to be away from the town for a week, and I had all the spreadsheet of previous score-card in my computer at home. So, that caused the delay. It is not a news anymore that without much surprises Australia won the ICC World Cup 2007 beating Sri Lanka by 53 runs (D/L method), making it a 3rd time in a row and stretching their unbeaten record in World Cup to 29 consective matches. While here in our Sajha World Cup, Tusaro is the winner of this virtual World Cup. Congratulations to Tusaro. Tusaro please contact me via e-mail with your mailing adress, so that I can mail your winner prize. Thank you to all the players who played this virtual World Cup and made this World Cup fun- filled, memorable and exciting, and to also to all the vieweres who visited the thread to see the progress of the game. 5600 hits is a success, right? Below is the Final result of Sajha World Cup 2007. See you all in September with twety20 World Cup.


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