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 Recalling SAJHA old frens!

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Posted on 06-14-06 12:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Once upon a time SAJHA was great fun......used to spend whole day and night. .. my God, I laugh myself when I remember those days, what made me co crazy, every single minute re check if there is any new posting. These days I dont find much interest may be THERE IS TIME FOR EVERYTHING. However I log on every now and then though I dont comment. ONE OF THE BIGGEST REASONS is we had really great GANG (unofficial), I feel very close to most of the SAJHA dudes but like me the have disappeared these days, may b busy with own stuff, havin fun in summer or working hard, whatever the reason is, I miss u all and please just drop one line saying '' I AM FINE''. There were many but few of those I could rememebr now... MatrixRose-- Rose Rose, I miss u so much, U were the one I remember u lot in SAJHA, Can I say I michhh u, please reply me back na hai.. Dalli Resham-- Aunty, aap kidhar gayab!!! SanDhrustLahure-- Lahure Dai lost in England?, Scarlet-- really GONE WITH THE WIND Danah-- I miss ur typing dude Nirman-- Belgium ma MOMO khane pani gufai matrai bho Neupane--- Hey DJ bro, music nasuneko dherai bho, TEXAS ma busy? Hushpuppy-- MBA sakiyo? Meera--Hamilai birsyou? Rythm---Sis, ramro story napadheko dherai bhayo Ruina-- Ohe Kya bolti tu....... Sristi-- Timi pani Ruina sangai gayab Moneyminded--Oye Guru Kahile HOnkg Kong kaile KTm k ho yaar Ladyinred-- I hope ur not angyr with me coz I was just havin fun with some pics, Im sure u wont, but where ru these days dear? Kalankisthan--Ye Gafadi....lapatta dyamn-- Amerika ko real story bhanne bro kata ho? Aus PALAYAN hayo ki kya ho Sayami,-- Ramro photo naherko dhreai bho Gwajyo--- Chhu kHa pasa thees_Keta-- Wos up dude? Shree5--- Sire dai canada mai busy dc_girl-- Oh dc gurl, there is overdue, THANKS for good compliments on my article. Dallipokchi,-- Hey party gurl,,, gafadi Dibya Raj Koirala-- Jati maya laye pani,, FLIPPU le herena ha ha ha DhotiPrasad,-- Khai ke paan banarai wala Red Stone-- hitting on Lady inred la la goood luck Many, Maampaka, Ardent, Harkey Dai, Kittycat, Poonte, Eujaram, Thaha, Thapap, kittycat, Bhaute, Birkhe Maila------------ OLD is GOLD please come to SAJHA --------- There r some of our fens who still ROCK sajha.........great realy great....THANKS flippy, Worl Map, Dada bro, miss_me, kooldude, i_nepali, Nepalisahila and so on.......... ----- Im sorry Ive forgotten many names...............Now I should listne the song KABHI KABHI MERE DIL MAIN........
The postings in this thread span 4 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 09-21-06 2:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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scarlett reminds me of somebody... the way u write.. hell no, u cant be her.. missing An...ka.
Posted on 09-21-06 2:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Uday, thanks for reminiscing me:) Damn, it's been ages since I last wrote something here. As the matter of fact, I have become a silent reader these days. Euta bhai asked me,"Do you go to Sajha too?" I was laughing at him, but didn't reveal anything about my addiction to sajha. Damn it's been many years. Redstone, To change the logo of Trikal's Mercedes to KIA was my idea;) Kalanki and Oys still giving input.. kani kani bhayepani. BTW, I still have that pic from Sajha gathering in NYC in 2002. Should I post that here?...
Posted on 09-21-06 2:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have not seen vantage_point and John_Galt for a while now.
Posted on 09-21-06 5:37 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rusty bro! :| been a while i seen you.. your humorous freestyles and such! Freestyle at uday's house who put timoor in salsa! hehe. I still have that picture.. Ani trikal baje pani, ghar ma sab lai, haat herdai k k gardai thiey ek din teta tira auda, if you remember. that night you left for nepal to get hitched! LOL i never saw you again. LOL anyways, it's good to see you. Im here, kaile kai, not as much! Aba, i have better things to do ni, tai pani, paila jasto chaina sajha, threads haru jhau lagney, boring, degrading, k bhanney... :( i will check on this later!:) ta ta!
Posted on 09-21-06 5:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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रस्ती को गाउँ मा घुम्न जादा रस्ती नौली ब्यौली को हात् समाति मार्केट बास्केट मा सपिङ् गरिरा देख्या थे। बिहे गरे पछि मान्छे कस्तो परिबर्तन् हुने रहेछन्-- चिन्या मान्छे लाइ पनि नचिन्या जस्तै गरि हिड्ने! ऊता तृकल् गुरु पनि तेस्तै-- मेर्सिदेस् मा भौजु राखि घुम्न पाये अरु केहि नचाहिने रैछ। हे हे
Posted on 09-21-06 9:02 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i am still relatively new in sajha than most of you. while i don't severly miss anyone as of now, i do miss the stories of sajha gazer-a wonderful writer in my view. joh galt is another fabulous writer whose anecdotes've been missed as well. john bro, isn't it time for yet another piece from you? :P LooTe
Posted on 09-21-06 11:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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looks like no one missed me yet... i'm still around... still taking photos... should upload some again soon...
Posted on 09-22-06 7:38 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Arnico, Where you up to, birader? How can we miss you.. but you vanished in space without any trace. I haven't seen you for almost two years after my wedding night...hehe! Redstone, how you doing ma birader? Padai kasto cha! ajakaal ta freestyle nai aauna yaar.. Life le afailai freestyle diracha! Trikal baje ta dohori freestyle ajai dichan re madal bajayera.. hamilai baal dinna. I heard he has become millionaire and ani jyoti sastra pani herna chode re! hehe! Aba poonte rajnitima lagera ajakaal hami jasto manche lai baal dinna. Poonte ko ryai.. ryaiiii... nasuneko pani dherai bhayo! ABa KALANKI Nath Baje khub ajakaal high tech ma lageka chan re! Aba uslai k nai aauna.. C.. C++... Java.. C# .. any programming languages you name it. I heard he's making his own language blending all those languages.. Sajha ma kasaile problem post garna bitikai solution dihalcha... so nice of him. Oys chill ko memory power tibra cha.. keto ko. He still manages to post his memory lane.. Very nice. feri pachi lekhaula!
Posted on 09-22-06 11:05 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rusty, ehe!! Good to see you back :D eh... first time after you got hitched. :D When was that? umm... like 3 years? lol. Heard you turned into silent reader and silent listener re.. these days.. you know, sometime sajha turns you into silent reader and wife makes you silent listener re hehe!!! C, C# re teri maa, you forgot "N# and H#" :P (N Sharp bhaneko Nepali ma Churra ke) eh... and E-flat (sus.) ... Angreji ma flat khaako ke (When I go to store and ask for "ऊ", they bring "गू") . Je bhaye pani good to see u back in Sajha... Sajha mai marine jasto cha m*** (Deep ko style ma) hehe. Ab yahan se kahan jaaye hum taal cha. Arnico, I remember you. Do you remember me? lol ... Hint, Hint ... Last time ANA ma bheteko... ;) Haven't seen flip_flop, Where is she? One time she flips, and then she flops, flips and flops and flips and flops and flips..... :D Well I hardly know anyone from Sajha than those I knew three years ago. :)
Posted on 09-22-06 11:53 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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La Kalanki Bro malai birsyou????????????????/
Posted on 09-22-06 1:01 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kalanki, the pani tanki parody man, despite flipping and flopping I never forget to remember you guys!I miss your humor! Seen Scarlett and Lahureji couple of times but again they vanished. Scarlett ta 'gone with the wind' hoina gone with the hurricane jasto cha. :)
Posted on 09-22-06 10:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey hey flippy.. you are one serious addict. Next to Dannyboi most prolly..or maybe its a tie!! hehe,,, Ani yea, Sajha does have its ebb and flow of attraction. It just appears to be wearing thin right now.Miss ya guys too:D Foe..never knew you. Dun think I know "her" either;) Happy dashain to one and all ... gone with the hurricane..as flippy wud like me to put it !
Posted on 09-23-06 11:05 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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:) म मुस्किल् ले कुनै धागोमा नियमित लेख्ने गर्छु ।धेरै सेलेक्टिभ के बट् देयर् आर सम निक्स् जस्को थ्रेड म नियमित् हेर्ने(नलेख्ने) गर्छु । साइलेन्ट रिडर भन्दा नि फरक् पर्दैन Anyway, Thank you very much for remembering me … mero nick sarthak bhayo :) .....you are really amazing ..amazing bhai miss_me
Posted on 09-23-06 11:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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foe bro..i have a feeln i know who ur missin!;oP hehe..and yeah dun think u got the right person?but then again who knows?:o| hehe..smtimes when we wanna find/see smthin so hard..we just seem to find/see that thing in front of us?u know how those thirsty ppl in the desert just seems to see mirages everywhere?;oP hehe and whos the one jpt euta sida sada sojo manche(some prefers to say boy?:oS) lai addict bhanney!:@ jpt hoina hai!:@ and no!im not the one sayn jpt right now hai!!;oP hehe.... dunno about recallin..but i sure am remembering some old timers that i havent seen for ages :oD..well like to call them old since havent seen them!if u wanna feel young!come come come out re kya ;oP hehe....but then again..if u look at the past too much u just might miss the present hoina?:o| hehe..so yeah def likin the present right now :oD...some entertaining posters out there ;o)..and no im not countin!;oP hehe and oh def am thinkin wat john bro is up to!busy with work!!!?????hehe anyways as someone likes to say...gone with the wind?.. im blastin off!german gas dherai niskyo!:o|...and before the gas turns solid?hah! shudnt have eatn too much onions just now!naheeeen!!:o| hehe... good day!! *poooooot* hah!;oP
Posted on 01-12-08 3:24 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dedicated to all my old dear friends- just recaling once more

like in song, WE ALL LIVE IN YELLOW SUBMARINE- (My personal fav from The Beatles)

Posted on 01-12-08 4:56 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Amazing sir !!!

You reminded me to be back into the havenly place.
Manything have changed since the last time I was here.
But I feel good to be back and see the great thread calling for the GOLDEN OLDIES.

see u soon..

Posted on 01-12-08 4:58 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Amazing bro your brain is amazing to remember such a long list of "gayab" frens. I also miss lots of oldies in sajha and in the chat/trivia rooms. Now sajha has changed a lot and very different than what it used to be few years ago.

Posted on 01-12-08 6:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 i miss my frens too.......
rozi, lina, sato, brucelee, ashley, mokysha, swety, goonda, daku, sexy, gaylesbian, virginguy, makuramanche,....

Posted on 01-12-08 8:17 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks Amazing for recalling Sajha old Friends,
I miss you all too..

I have been banned all the time in Sajha because of some photo story last year.
Actually still now. I still cannot post now with my original face.
I hope that San Bro rethinks about the sanction he applied to me.
Love you all..

Posted on 01-12-08 8:41 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I visit Sajha almost everyday, but I do not post and talk as often as I used to.  Today is one of the day that I have decided to post in a few thread.  Well, I miss all sajha's friends too.


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