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 यो हल्लै हल्लाको देश हो
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Posted on 03-23-20 10:40 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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बजार बन्द सवारी बन्द स्कुल कलेज सिनेमा मल हुँदा हुँदा नेपाल नै बन्द रे हिडडुल पनि गर्न नपाइने रे !! तर म जब नेपालको वेदर फोरकास्ट हेर्छू सबै ८० एफ भन्दा माथि भाइरस भाइरल हुने ६५ एफ तल हुदा हो जो युरोप र अमेरीकालाइ अहिले खाइराछ तर नेपाल इण्डीयामा त्यसतो हुने छैन गर्मीमा नबडने नै होइन तर महामारी हुन गा्रो छ आवश्यक थियो त जनचैतना सतर्कता र साबधानी । नेपाल इण्डिया मा WHO चेताबानी दिनुको कारण नै फोहरीपन मस्त बानी लापरवाहीको लागि थियो तर सफा बस्नेलाइ ८० भन्दा बढिमा महामारीको चान्स धेरै कम हुन्छ । वुहानमा पनि कुनै चमत्कार भाको होइन त्याहाँको temp हेर्नुस अहिले ६५ माथी छ ( साथै सतर्कता क्वारेनटाइन इ ) । के नेपाल इणडियामा डाक्टरहरुलाइ रोग के हो कसरी लाग्छ मात्रे थाह छ तर अतिरिक्त साइन्स बारे केही था छैन ? देशको अर्थतन्त्र बरबाद गरीबको गरी खाने बाटो बन्द के चाल को यस्तो ? खाली भिडभाड कम , क्वरेन्टााइनमा कडाइ र साबुन पानी को ग्यान दिए त भै हाल्यो नेता जनता सब नचाइने युरोप अमेरीकाको हल्ला पछा डी लागिरहेछ देस बर्बाद पारी राछ । हुने भए पुस माघमै हु्त्थ्यो नेपालमा बैसाख जेठको गर्मीमा हुदैन , इटलीमा भन्दा बढी चाइनिज नेपालमा पक्कै बढी थियो क्यारे ।
Posted on 03-23-20 11:07 AM     [Snapshot: 36]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Are u sure hot weather hinder the virus spread? After your post I researched a bit and found this article. Some of your hypothesis makes sense since we had enough tourist from China and Europe when rest of the world were under pressure to contain it. May be the humidity and temperature will kill in the surrounding or surfaces, but if it comes around close to another human cell- I think it will just attack. Around the world, there would be countries having colder weather when we are having hot weather. I think it’s has more to do with isolation n personal space. But I appreciate your thought; kinda makes sense.

The temperature theory doesn't really hold up given what's happening right now in much of Southeast Asia," said Tikki Pangestu, a professor at Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy."People in Europe hope warm weather will kill the virus. I doubt this will be the reality."
The coronavirus, which causes a respiratory disease called COVID-19, has infected almost 170,000 and over 6,500 have died.Though a limited amount is known about the new virus, some of the symptoms show similarities with winter influenza, which is more widespread in colder temperatures, although this is partly attributed to people crowding together inside.Places where the virus has been felt most severely, such as Wuhan in central China, northern Italy and parts of the United States, share similar climates and temperatures.

Posted on 03-23-20 11:08 AM     [Snapshot: 35]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Are you a certified virologist or a microbiologist to foresee the not-yet-known impacts of this corona sh!t, or, are you just spilling your opinions on why the country should be open when the whole planet is locking itself down to stop its rapid spreading?..Keep calm and Carry on..stay safe and smiling.
Posted on 03-23-20 11:10 AM     [Snapshot: 53]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I’m microbiologist btw
Posted on 03-23-20 11:22 AM     [Snapshot: 56]     Reply [Subscribe]
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That's good Mr.Ram Kumar Poudyal. What I was thinking about is ,the countries that surrounded Nepal like China and India and other countries which are closed by Nepal like Bangladesh,Pakistan all got this virus problem and wouldn't it be naive and dimwitted if Nepal proclaim itself that it is immune to the virus when in reality we are flanked by two huge countries with billions of populations and where the virus is still spreading its fatalistic wings...I am not any -logist but it's a sure thing that if proper measures are not taken in the right time,then it would create a Big problem for a country like Nepal which has minimal tools, resources and educated manpower.
Posted on 03-23-20 11:49 AM     [Snapshot: 114]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Alias, I totally agree with you. It’s better to be proactive than wait around like Italy did. By that time, it was too late and you heard 500-600 people die everyday. We really need to watch our vulnerable people- elderly and immunocompromised. The crazy thing about this virus is that it is very contagious, and even non symptomatic people can transmit to thousands just by leaving there droplets or aerosols. Best of best scientist of the world could not be  100% whether it is aerosols or droplets. So CDC requires gown,  Face sheild,face mask, googles as PPE. The decision made by Nepali government is very welcoming. If countries such as Britain, USA, Italy have not figure it out, I can’t imagine how would Nepal respond with lack of ventilators, PPE, remote areas, lack of infrastructures and so on. Please everyone stay home, isolate yourselves. May be put on mask like surgical mask. If everyone puts on mask that could have double effects on social distancing. The US govt encourages not to wear mask cuz they worried it will take resources off heath-care workers. Since we just have one case- we can start by isolation and Quarantine- case by case.
Last edited: 23-Mar-20 11:52 AM

Posted on 03-23-20 12:05 PM     [Snapshot: 129]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yes..the case in Italy is anything but a horror story where people are falling like trees. This virus certainly is more dangerous and murderous than its predecessors as the casualties keep jumping up every hour globally.The lock down of each and every place/state will assist to contain this virus from spreading and might be the only life saving way to ensure the safety and security of the people.Thanks for your input and caring words Mr. Poudel.
Posted on 03-24-20 1:16 AM     [Snapshot: 424]     Reply [Subscribe]
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म भाइरोलोजिस्ट नि होइन तर त्यति साइन्स बुद्दु नि छैन , हो यो अरु भाइरस भन्दा कडा देन्जर छ तर भाइरस droplet बाटै माहामारी हुने हो dry मा सर्न चाहियो नि यो vehicle बिना यो कसरी भाइरस कसरी माहामारी हुन्छ ? त्यसैले जनचेतना हात धुने साबधानी लाइ साथ लिइ बैसाकको राप मा रमाउनु पर्ने नकि गरिब जनताको पेटमा लात हान्ने बन्द धडपकड . अब यो कडा बन्द अस्ति नै गर्नु पर्ने थियो प्लेन बाट कडा गर्नु पर्ने थयो, गरेन , भारतमा ७ बाट ८ मरे अनि डराय र बन्द गर्न थाले जो आवस्यक नै छेन । भारतमा पनि ६०० ७०० होइन १० सौ हजार हुनु पर्ने हो density हिसाबले तर यही ९० F ले स्लो गराइराछ प्लस अरु Theory पनि छन । युरोपमा बन्द गर्दा नि घरमा २ - ३ जन मुशकिलले हुन्छ तर नेपाल जस्तो काकाको फुपुको सारा सन्तान एकै घर छतमा बस्नु साथमा बस्नु बाध्यता भनेको बन्द घरमा झन भाइरसको droplet moisture मारमार proximity मा साटासाट गर्नु हो खुला चैत बैसाकको dry air मा छोडिदिए पो फाइदा । अगाडी तात्नु छैन पशुपतिना थ गुहारे अब श्रेय दिएकै बेश नि । बिस्तारै सबै ठाँउमा कम हुदै गैराछ नपत्याए यो पढनु

Why this Nobel laureate predicts a quicker coronavirus recovery


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