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 How come you people write so well??

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Posted on 10-29-10 8:39 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It really freakes me out when someone comes up with a very good piece of writing here in sajha, however I cannot stop admiring it. How could you all have such a good vocabulary and understanding of every little detailes that we use while writing ? Is that what you guys developed over the years here in the us or something else???
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 10-29-10 9:47 PM     [Snapshot: 693]     Reply [Subscribe]
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DV, F1, H1, Green Card, Citizenship etc kina khali Nepali haru ko conversation ma ekdam big issue huncha? does that really matter? eeeeh DV parera ako? Green card cha ki chaina? status k ho?
yo manche lai chine pachi aune kura haina, yo aucha surumai. ani riss uuthda eeh ta dv parera aako, gas station ma kam garne? I see why aja ko Nepal yesto cha, samaya agadi gaye pani sankuchit soach bhayeka manis haru dherai chan. :) 

aba yo kura ma kasai sanga fight garne soach liyera reply gareko haina, yo kura sunne lai sunn ko mala, bhanne lai dhann ko mala, yo kura(katha) baikuntha jala, bhanne belama turunta mukhaima aaijala. 

Some people are gifted, they just write. I also admire them. some writers here in sajha are also wonderful. :)

Posted on 10-30-10 12:28 AM     [Snapshot: 763]     Reply [Subscribe]
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very nice thread because I love to read and write. 
@ sna I totally agree with Homeyji "Just be yourself. If you have something to say, eventually it will come 

 I try to write once in a while and have posted few of them in sajha as well. I know that my grammar is not that good in both Nepali and English but I manage to write and let my heart out. Yes I am right I write what my heart says while writing I don't care about sentence structures, mechanics, vocabulary nothing at all I just write what comes out of my heart at the moment. Then after the first draft I try my best to perfect all other thing. I believe that no word speaks better than what comes out of your heart. This is just my personal view it might not apply to all.
 For that matter I would like to recite one Nepali poem here (I don't know who wrote it. I read it somewhere a long time back)

"कवि कविता होश
 कविता कवी होश 
अनि पो कविता हुन्छ
 शब्द थुपार्दै मा (भुत्रो) हुन्छ
भाव भएपो हुन्छ"   

  I always envy those who can write well . I wish that I had such skill but skill comes with lots and lots of writing. At last practice makes a man perfect so keep on reading and writing a lot........
Good luck sna hope to read one of your very soon

Posted on 10-30-10 2:03 AM     [Snapshot: 809]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have no rules....
 just write whatever i feel like writing....
my posts does not gets many comment but that does not stops me writing....
i write what i feel like writing and how i feel like writing....

Posted on 10-30-10 2:41 AM     [Snapshot: 822]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ sna,

- what R U working on ... ??  Is a sneak-peak possible .... ??

- maybe i could also learn a thing or 2 ... 

- to get better @ something ... takes sweat & pain ... nothing comes easy ...
- work @ it day & night ... 

- looking forward 2 U'R piece .... surprise US all ... C'mon Man ... U can do it ...

Posted on 10-30-10 6:42 AM     [Snapshot: 853]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dhanyabaad dharene kancha, amritraja and gyanguru... @black panther: yeah man, I'm tryana write sumthin but ain't being able to write beyond few scratches... I would have loved to share some trailers but that isn't ready either...rookie u see
Posted on 10-30-10 8:07 AM     [Snapshot: 869]     Reply [Subscribe]
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मैले त तिमी कालेज सिध्याइ सक्यौ अनी साच्चै नै राम्रो लेख्दो रहेछौ ?
तिमीले के लेखेका थियौ बिगतमा भनी सम्झना दिलाउन खोजेको हो।  डि भि पर्नेलाई तल हेर्यौ र आफुलाई माथि पार्यौ तर त्यो त सहि रहेनछ ?
तिमी मान्छे लाई बाकट हान्न र फ्याउरो जस्तो उचाल्न अतिनै सिपालु छौ ,
तिमीनै हैन मलाई " D V जितेर आएको , कालेज नजाने को अङ्रेजी" भनी लेख्ने. I am just trying to communicate, that is all.
As per your past comment "You claimed that your Writing was far better than mine and added what to expect from a D.V. WINNER". 

Write well means write wisely too? 

Last edited: 30-Oct-10 08:44 AM

Posted on 10-30-10 8:59 AM     [Snapshot: 894]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@bhojpure: my level of maturity varies Significantly depending upon the person I'm arguing with.. So u be a good boy and shut your mouth Okey...
Posted on 10-30-10 9:26 AM     [Snapshot: 911]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Babal khate jyu,

I tried posting a thread here last month, a futile and shameless attempt to promote myself, but no one cared about it since it seems that most sajhaite prefer reading the threads only when it is posted by someone familiar. Although my effort was highly mediocre, I still thought it was worth sharing, so here it is once again:


 ‘S#*t, I am already late’ Jini Baral mumbled under her breath as she looked for her keys that seemed to be lost inside her imitation Louis Vuitton purse. It was already dark and she was expected to reach Flushing few hours ago. It was her first Teej, and she had planned to make the best out of it, only that she did not know how. But her friends, who celebrated the festival with utmost alacrity, even though some were not married, would help her get past the ritual.

Jini was an attractive 27 year old living her New York dream – in a way students on a visa do. Attending a cheap community college with an unidentified major to maintain her immigrant status and a pizza joint that employed her illegally seemed to be just enough for her stay in America. She had married her two-year-relationship-old boyfriend who worked in a Dunkin’ Donuts in mid-town Manhattan. Sunny Basnet, Jini’s husband was a business major at CUNY. It had already been six years, and he still had few credits remaining. Over the years he had somehow lost his GPAs over video games, basketball practices, Abercrombie and Fitch T-Shirts and alcohol fueled guitar nights. Surprisingly, he still aspired to make it to Wall Street upon graduation. More surprisingly, Jini believed him.

“I saw George Clooney and Avril Lavigne today”, he would tell Jini sometimes over dinner they seldom ate together. “If I only see Bloomberg in my store someday, my life’s gonna change.”

Sunny sincerely believed that the mayor of New York city was in some sort of manhunt to find a suitable candidate who’d assist him run his office. And as expected, Jini believed it too.

They both were a popular couple among Nepalese community in Queens who participated eagerly in every get-togethers, potlucks, concerts and soccer games. One of the reasons behind their popularity was their names which rhymed together so well, it would put a two year old to smile. Jini-Sunny was a marriage made in heaven, and no one questioned the wisdom of their parents to bequeath them with names that barely made sense.

Jini looked at herself in the mirror. She had just taken a quick shower; it was her first this week. The smell of pizza had gone finally gone away. Most of the times she would spray Calgon all over and chew a gum – a perfect remedy against any malodor for busy individuals surviving a New York minute. Wearing a Saree had been a struggle, but she somehow overcame the challenge after forty-five minutes. She looked pretty, draped in crimson fabric, lips painted red and adorned with gold jewelries she had never worn until now. Carefully, she then placed ‘tilhari’ ( a meter long necklace weaved out of green beads fastened to a piece of gold in the middle), diagonally across her torso. She examined herself once again.

‘Perfect’ she said aloud, she was ready for Teej.

Sunny had already arrived while she was in the shower, and had sunk himself in the couch, hydrating himself with a Corona and watching Yankees and Rays battle at Tampa Bay.

“Ready?” Jini grabbed her Beige leather purse which had COACH written all over it. This was an original one, Sunny had brought it one night as a surprise gift. He had had a successful week then, his boss was visiting Bangladesh and he would secretly find a way of rewarding himself with an extra fifty dollars everyday. Of course he wouldn’t disclose it to anyone, not even Jini. Women, he knew, would surprisingly become ethical during arguments.

7 train arrived at its own sluggish pace to Jini’s agony. She stifled profanities many a times looking at the rail tracks. She swore a lot, and dropped F-bombs frequently. For some reason she believed that swearing made her sound more urban, or rather more American. Other than that she struggled with both speaking and writing English except ‘Hi this is Nino’s pizza, how may I help you’ and ‘Would you like to hear our today’s special sir’.

"Christina must have already opened the wine bottle, I am so F#$king late.” Jini mumbled looking through the train’s window, the train had just crept past Junction Boulevard.

“Why do you care, it is Teej, you are not supposed to drink, infact you are supposed to fast all day.” Sunny responded, gradually becoming testy towards her anxiety.

It took Jini by surprise. “I almost forgot, thanks for reminding me, your mom would have killed me otherwise”.

She looked outside the window again, the train was now accelerating. Then as if she suddenly remembered something, she grabbed Sunny’s arm and almost screamed.

"We are so F#$ked”.

“What happened?” Sunny looked surprised.

“You forgot your DSLR a#$hole” and started sobbing; her face covered. The passengers who were looking at her ruddy attire over sometime, suddenly looked away, a little embarrassed, half unsure what had transpired over the minute.

Jini stormed out of the train as it stopped at 111 street; cursing inaudibly and heading towards the turnstile to return to Sunnyside. Sunny ran behind her.

“Jini wait, what happened, there are many people there with cameras, what is a f$*king big deal about it”

“They only have a regular digital camera you jerk”, Jini snarled, “How am I supposed to upload my photos in Facebook taken with point and shoot?”

Last edited: 30-Oct-10 10:56 AM

Posted on 10-30-10 10:43 AM     [Snapshot: 941]     Reply [Subscribe]
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a nice one uranus....

sna.....eager to read urs....

Posted on 10-30-10 10:54 AM     [Snapshot: 944]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Uranus: that made me laugh brother and I have encountered a lot of similar couples here in Dallas too.. I don't know how can people manage to do so while working in a gas station getting paid 7.50 an hour...beautiful presentation of reality ... Loved indeed ..
Posted on 10-30-10 11:30 AM     [Snapshot: 963]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Obama: aaasa garnu, Bhorasa nagarnu daju, halat kharab cha... Bhanna ta literature comes from the bottom of the criticism of life bhanchan Khoi aafu ta yo bhanda ni bottom ma kata Jane ho
Posted on 10-30-10 11:41 AM     [Snapshot: 978]     Reply [Subscribe]
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मृत्यू दण्डको ब्यवस्था भए देश बर्बाद गर्ने ककस्लाई दण्ड दिने ? [57 votes total]

प्र. म. माधव नेपाल (9)

के. पी. ओली (14)

रामचन्द्र पौडेल (13)

शंकर पोखरेल (4)

विजय कुमार गच्छेदार (6)

क. प्रचण्ड (9)

डा. बाबुराम भट्टराइ (0)

उपेन्द्र यादव (2)

[Disallowed String for - ] language="JavaScript">


Posted on 10-30-10 2:34 PM     [Snapshot: 1048]     Reply [Subscribe]
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बडो महान युबा अनी बडो चम्तकारीक गुण पुर्ब पञ्चे र अहिलेका नेता हरु जस्तो जहाँ जुनसुकै ठाउमा पनि ठीक्क , कि त तो छेपारो जस्तो प्रक्रिती अनुसार रङ फेर्ने ? एस्तो चम्त्कारीता अबस्य पनि इन्हेरेर्त्तेद हुनु पर्छ।
त्यो ( मतुरे) mature कुन कुन ब्लग मा देखायौ र कस्लाई कस्लाई देखायौ ? वाह क्या चम्त्कारीता ? महान नेपाली नेता बन्ने गुण छ , भोट माग्दा एक कुरा , टिकट लिन एक कुरा , नेताका अगाडि एक कुरा अनी भासण गर्दा एक कुरा अनी घरमा अर्कै कुरा ?
लौ आएछन नेपाली नेता । 
 Did my writing seems from a D.V. winner? How you know it?
बाबु त चतुर्दर्सी पनि रैछन्

Last edited: 30-Oct-10 03:41 PM

Posted on 10-30-10 6:02 PM     [Snapshot: 1136]     Reply [Subscribe]
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thank you for tracing that hidden potential of mine bhojpure dai, would definitely try that some day.. aaile lai chai jay nepal... anyway i wish i had inherited all the qualities you mentioned above..
Last edited: 30-Oct-10 06:41 PM

Posted on 10-30-10 7:05 PM     [Snapshot: 1171]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yes, you did. I think you have all those qualities some mention on the ***bad. So, How much better English you have than a D.V. winners? Why you look them down? Because they have green card and you came as a student and working your ass off? They were lucky and you were not is that is the fuss about?

Posted on 10-30-10 7:12 PM     [Snapshot: 1173]     Reply [Subscribe]
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daju maile teti saro harek kuro ma gali garnu parne gari DV parne lai gali garekai chian, as a matter of fact ma nai arko barsa DV parne wala huadi chu....i just dint liked ur attitude of showing hatred in my posts. and some DV parne haru ko k k na napeko jasto garne attitude... ma k matra bhanchu bhane , manche jo ho tyo hunu parcha, baira bata ra bani behora chai gu jasto dekhine ani mukh bata chai k k na hoon bhanne chai hunu bhayena..if u dont possess that attitude , u r good...bhai gayo ta... manche hya literature lekhdai cha bhojpure dai j payo tei kuro gardinchan bich ma aayera..la gadi kinum gadi..mero lagi ni khojdinu
Posted on 10-30-10 11:08 PM     [Snapshot: 1227]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I'm amazed to see some of "spam" posts here in such interesting and motivating thread!!!
Anyway, very few of us know the gravity of issue. Nice to begin with....
See, I too wonder how patience... tranquil....meticulous and thoughtful people become when they onset composing fictions and articles (especially subjective ones).
Well, professionally I'm supposed to write a lot, but my writings are only objective. I feel very hard to express myself in my writings :D
I mean, I can't write what I feel and what I think. I can write what I see and what others say... what others do. Though I read feature articles and columns regularly, I don't feel like writing my own views rather I'm comfortable to be objective and dedicate my writings for others and like to pick simple words.

Posted on 10-31-10 7:33 AM     [Snapshot: 1298]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Loved the piece. Keep it coming. But next please put in in the literature section of sajha. That is where I check for new stories.

Posted on 10-31-10 8:57 AM     [Snapshot: 1316]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Reading all kinds of books and magazines regularly and writing sth frequently will ultimately lead to a good piece of writing. Other factors vary individual to individual.
Posted on 10-31-10 11:34 AM     [Snapshot: 1371]     Reply [Subscribe]
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मेरो पनि दिन बनाइदियो यो साने र लौआयो ले, हसायो एस्ले प्रचन्दे १६% मात्रै ?

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