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 Caste System in Nepal

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Posted on 09-30-04 10:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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What do u guys think about the caste system in Nepal? I am totally against it and there must be something we can do to change it....let's hear your feedbacks....
The postings in this thread span 6 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 10-06-04 5:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am very proud to be Rai. Rai or Kirat has a history dating back to Mahabharat and ruled Kathmandu for more than 1000 years before driven to the east. Personally, I like people from all caste.
Posted on 10-06-04 7:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey "mero astitwa", I think to some extent maoist insurgency is the rising up of oppressed people. Our government is busy with itself fighting nonsense. No insightful and educated enough leaders to lead the country. They are all money hungry and dumb. They don't care about what's actually happening in the country, especially poor people. Only choice over the history, is these oppressed people choosing to fight and take over. That's the only option otherwise no body gives a damn! Insurgency is not a good thing 'cause it's killing a lot of people but in my opinion, they are sending us a message that they need to be heard and their needs has to be taken care of!
Posted on 10-06-04 7:57 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks for your suggestions pieces, but u it's amazing that u don't see nepali men responsible for any of these. The way women are right now is because of the domination and discrimination. Women didn't choose to be that way. Everytime a nepali male is not responsible for the plight of women...? Who is then? Tell me! That's stupid! So I have to convince the women of nepal to send their kids to nepal and not men?? Women would have done that long time ago if men didn't control the money, their liberty to have an opinion. Women aren't given this right in Nepal buddy... How about fighting against men? How about being able to rise voice against discrimination, abuse? If men realize this then only our society willl change. It's not women's fault that women should be taught about this! Hardcore is the way to eliminate these problems dear....then only there wiill be some revolution not sitting there and quitely doing something. You take it as a counter attack...when I say majority of men there are horrible....which is the truth! Just being in america doesn't mean I am attacking u or nepali. I am comparing how women are treated here and there. Take care! CHHERS
Posted on 10-06-04 8:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey guys u all should read this: It's very long but essential. Tell me what do u think about it? http://www.alrc.net/pr/mainfile.php/2004pr/32/
Posted on 10-06-04 9:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sweetie ji, so you mean watsoever is cause, root is Nepali Male right ? Alright you figure out the root, there should be some solution then? Don't you think initiation should be taken by women themself..?? Therefore I said changes shall be brought by the women for the women. Am I still wrong ? Sweetie why you are trying to prove women weaker and weakest..Hazur ko kura anusar jaba samma Nepal ma Logne Manche cha, Nari le ta Kahile ni kehi ni garnu sakdaina, tyaso bhaye??? I literally see no solution unless somebody kill all Nepali Daju Bhai (I used little harsh don't mind) .. Guss you are again asking me "WHO IS RESPONSIBLE"..Common there are various factor, Societal, Political, Economical and bla bla..These factor should be stable first to bring some other changes. Its chain that one effect another, you should be aware of that. Sitting back on an ass and cursing a Man doesn't bring solution..How did you know majority of nepali husband are horrible and fraction of american may be..? Are you comparing Me "Pisces" (Nepali) with your Husband (American) and judging on that ground ? I guess I respect women more then my other American frens.. Sweetie Ji seems like you are so eager to work for Nepali women..Do me favor..I wanted to know about the GIRL who had been literally Raped by editor of GorkhaPatra about two months ago and now that editor is free as bird and that girl is cursing her fate somewhere..Can we do something for that girl instead ? Lets start with this.. I am with you..Can you initiate this atleast or you are still dependent on Male ? if you can't then let me know...
Posted on 10-07-04 3:00 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Pieces, yes yes yes men are the roots of women being so weak in our society. Why is it so hard for u to accept that? Think again dear. If u think woman are strong enough to voice their opinion they wouldn't have been oppressed in the first place! I can't tell a woman to do this and that....unless she has a power(money, knowledge, skills) in that household. Do u think the husband will let her? Instead he'll beat her ass off man! It's not that easy. We don't want men dead just don't like it when they are soo conservative and one way......and who do u think controls government, society, political arena? Women does??? Hellooooo it's all male! I am not sitting around and cursing man....u are doing that. How many times do I have to tell u how much I am involved in foundations. U are the one criticizing me telling me that this society doesn't need my initiation! It's the most ridiculous example u brought about that girl's rape! Think about it....how men control women's fate here. We all know women aren't that educated and can't stand up for themselves...they are so used to with blaming themselves for whatever men do. It's not her fault! It's that editor's fault. If u were that concerned (young nepali male) about that woman why didn't the male population do anything..and still blame woman(even for a rape)for not being open!! Are u kidding me?? It's the society that doesn't support women. It doesn't mean that she's dependent on male. Men can get away with anything in that society. So instead of criticizing me when I say stuff about these men why don't u agree with me? that shows how concerned u are about victims (women)! U are always eager to uplift men!
Posted on 10-07-04 3:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sweetie.. lots of twist and turn, this is my last post .. May be my english is too bad to understand or you are headstrong-- no matter what I will get same answer from you on and on .. In first place I didn't blame that lady for being raped..Didn't I say that PRATRAKAR IS FAGGOT .. Are you making me sick ????? Wish I was in Nepal I would have tortured that bastard. By the way did you properly read my thread ? Didn't I say I am so concern about that woman. Just becoz you r associate with some sort of foundation, I asked you for more information about her..Did I criticize saying that?????? I just oppose your views about being so biased, I didn't criticize you for being involve in Social Activities.. You wrote " that shows how concerned u are about victims (women)! U are always eager to uplift men!" You mean to say I am only allowed to be concerned about that lady, only if I hate every single male, right? My curse on that PRATRAKAR, I blame that PATRAKAR FOR ALL HIS DEEDS AND OUR POLLUTED SOCIETY WHICH INCLUDES BOTH MEN AND WOMEN.. YOU GOT IT? SHE NEEDS JUSTICE THERE.. FOR NOW FORGET ABOUT MORON NEPALI MALE, WHAT THE F**** WOMAN LIKE YOU IN NEPAL DID FOR HER ?????? OTHER THEN THAT, What did I say? I say woman awarness should be initiate by the woman, FIRST .. Is that wrong..???????? You are unbelievable, you argue about American women somewhere writing that they fought for their right, can't that be initiated by Nepali Woman too ????? I thut you should be wise girl.. Please read carefully before proving me MORON..I thut you are not to this extend..CHiii you compare me wid that PATRAKAR ????..Shame on you.. Tell you what I am out of this thread now, do not bash with me..If you think I loose and gave up, thats fine with me..But do not involve me anywhere in your next thread..I am done ..
Posted on 10-08-04 4:22 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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" pratishyta gara meri mayalu , samaya le manish lai kaha kaha puraucha, kahile hasaucha, kahile ruwaucha, hasu ra ashu ko sangam pani garaucha" I hope u understand my.....lang to all above guys...
Posted on 10-08-04 5:13 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sweetiepie and pieces conservation is very interesting......both got a very strong point....and both are very strong headed......But the pity is that not all women think the way like sweetiepie does.....and to certain extend pieces is also correct.....sweetiepie has no right to point finger at male figure.......i also don't believe that male and female can truely be equal coz that's how the nature created us. Man to be strong and powerful and women to be soft and gentle. However i do say that every women should get their own rights and respect too and not just tolerate any noise from anyone, either male or female. If we look back in the history, every society has a male dominant. It just that now people are more educated and wiser.....and in certain society women started to voice out....and the male started to accept it. But in our conservative society.....we can't only blame man for dominant their wife and daughter.....coz even women will be dominanting their own daughter.....which mean woman dominating woman....both party wouldn't let their daughter do what their son does. So it's not only male but also due to female themselves that Nari in our society is not getting their rights. We need more female who believe in their equal rights to voice out to bring in a great revolution in women rigt. But the main point is that the people in our nation has to be educated otherwise this kind of discrimination will go on. If only we had more people like sweetiepie and pieces then that would be wonderful......coz they are one of a kind.....cheers!!!
Posted on 10-08-04 5:15 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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sorry,....conversation and not conservatiion.......hahahaha
Posted on 10-08-04 12:53 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey keeprocking, thanks for your view! Pieces....thanks for your opinions too.....I wish there were some more women to support me instead of several men criticizing. It's sad that in general all male here have the same point of view.... expect very few! BYE PIECES!
Posted on 10-08-04 6:40 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ain't this getting old now?Caste system in Nepal is like "race system" in US of A
Posted on 10-09-04 1:08 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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kasto vasan?????k saro exaggeration?????sorry i could not stop myself ....ahahahaaaaaaaaaa tell u wht guys,good speakers R mostly bad doers.if u wanna bring some changes go n work out in the field, in real.blabbering is always easy but u will b praised if u can convert this blabbering into act. hey sweetiee,staying in states n being literate doesn't mean u accomplished ur responsibilities of being one nepali citizen.if u r really this much worried abt this caste discrimination then go back to nepal n appply ur knowledge over our own homeland cuz staying in USA n talking abt nepal won't bring any changes...if u limit ur knowledge 2 blabber only then whts the difference between u n all neats in nepal??????go n face the society in nepal n do smt if u r truely impulsed in it that extremly.
Posted on 10-09-04 6:50 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Listen swati, i dont believe in caste system brought by some jayastithi malla and some other brahaman being myself as well. I do love damai kami and i do think they are humanbeing. I do love to break the barrier but i have to think about lot of thinks. 1. can i sacrifice my entire family for that girl? 2. why my parents say" son get married to newar, kirat but not to damai kami".? 3. How am i going to take my wife to my relatives like grandad and mom in festival like dashara? 4. We have to maintain the laungage standard in my culture like hajur aisiwas, bhuja junarr gari baksiyos? 5. They are pretty but i see lot of them lack what my mother has? 6. They are good ppl but our society is not ready for it yet? 7. why do u think i am sitll unmarried? Lets make the world better, but going step by step. If u try to jump then u will loss the step. Give it a time, teach our ppl to walk then make them run. everything has time
Posted on 10-09-04 7:02 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hu hu hu have i posted any regarding this topic. Why i am dragged in here? lol MM check out your posting before submitting it. lol
Posted on 10-09-04 7:18 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well, swati sky is clear for you now. I wish it would be forever but i am afraid it wont be since our birth we have been blessed with dasha graha. If u think i am wrong then i am coz i love you. This is suppose to be serious. I am really in love with you. hahahahah why am i going offtrack. ...............well, i was the first kid to drink raskhi in damai house as in my family........sorry, England just score the goal against the wales. It is getting intresting. Football is more important to me than my gf and u. sorry got to go.
Posted on 10-09-04 1:47 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey nova, I can do more when I am at the different country to help Nepal. I can't handle the mindset, corruption and criticism from the conservative society. If I hadn't come here, how would I know how different people treat women here or about caste system?? I don't think I can do anything good being a nepali woman in a nepali society......who will listen ha? how about learning new techniques,concepts and ways to change the society slowly?? If I was in Nepal I wouldn't even know that our system was wrong? People there don't even know how to fight back! GET IT?
Posted on 10-09-04 3:58 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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People still consider caste a big issue in every part of Nepal.I am not sure whether it helps them identify themselves or to degrade others.Forget about others parts of Nepal,in Ktm people still call each other 'Jyapu,Kheni,Bhote,Madhise etc'.But people are opening up.I think the current generation is having lots of mixed marriages compared to the previous one. People need to get out of their house,locality and country to know about others custom and traditions.
Posted on 10-10-04 2:02 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hahaha there you go big mouth sweetpie. america chadera kei gara bhannu sath hahahahahahah.well thats typical neprican as i often use this term to you and people like you ,big mouthed neprican.hahahahah. you talk as if only in ameirca you can learn or find progressive thoughts,thats funny as if progressive thought it registered exclusively for only americans hahaha. i had said it earlier to you i will say nothing reagarding these topics but couldnt help myself laughing.such a progresssive independent and mentally tough woman that you claim you are and hahahahahahhaha.you are a typical very typical neprican, big mouthed.all right what good is your qualification or your bright thoughts which you cant or you wont use.you know you are like a tv commercial of a condom or this family planning thing which is accesible only to the people who have access to the tv and that mostly is in the city.message of such thing should reach to the people who dont know about it. and you hahahahahha yeah you cant do nothing good in a nepali society being a nepali woman casue first and foermost you are not a nepali woman ,you are a neprican by heart and soul.so keep on bitching since you are only good for that , or ,take a great man's advice (oooooooooops man bhanda feri dont bring women equality thing here!!!!!!!!!!!!) DO IT OR STOP COMPLAINING. remeber the caste system aint as bad as you say except for the chuwachut issue ie thulo jaat and sano jaat.and also those things are gradually changing for good as you cant expect things as such which have roooted its root in the samaj for ages to change in a few year. lastly you dont necessarily need to be an american biatch to have a progressive vision hahahahahahah. and TISA, you are right that people need to get out to know stuffs thats true but one needs to also understand the internal things carefully ,be it good or bad. lemme tell you all straight up,my views,thulo jaat sano jaat is a bad system in nepal but put it in your mind these things exists everywhere in the whole world in one form or the other.may be by caste,status,color,wealth etc etc these things like differentiating between people exists every where.its not only in nepal as some of you tend to prove.and i am not trying to defend this system of nepal by saying it exists everywhere by any means but just stating the true thing that i know and so do you. now ,neprican sweetpie say whatever you wish i am done writing,no more writing here.progressive woman by words,action=0.nepal ma toilet paper use gardaina ,so unhygenic pakhey nepali haru bhanera arko isssue chai nalyau hai hahahahhahahahhaha
Posted on 10-19-04 4:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Cast System is not good by its origin and nature. Cast System discriminate people. Cast System separate people relation. Cast System is Conservative Stone Age Idea. But Nepalese people still practices and follow cast as a birthmark. That is poor thinking, uncivilized, uneducated and not democratic way of living. If you love Democracy and Human Rights, You must Walk, Talk and Act as an Equally, Civilized way and Democratically.

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