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Posted on 08-14-12 2:57 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is what happened:

The event centre was only booked till midnite..... It was a university event centre and they can not open pass their building closing time... However, the program started almost around 10pm when it was supposed to start at seven..... Yes three hours late......
The introduction round of the girls was great.... I was impressed with the quality of the contestants this year......
After that, that had few performances by Nalina Chitrakar, om bikram Bista....and then made the girls walk the ramp in UFO outfits and AGAIN walk the ramp with a light calling it a peace round ....., then top ten were announced and question answer round started

Clearly there were few contestant that had stood out from the very beginning of the show.. Even though I didn't know any contestant personally... I could sense the strongest contenders from the very beginning

Among the top ten question answer, the answers that stood out to me was
Aastha shrestha.. She got lucky she used the same answer that she used in her introduction which didn't reflect any new views about her.... But she said it well so I was content with her answer.

Sadikshya Silwal....,She was very articulate with her answer. The diff between mother and motherland... Nicely done!

srajeena joshi She was asked her recent accomplishment and she talked about her Americorps experience f.. Shortly, sweetly and to the point. She was the one contestant that didn't blabber unnecessary stuff on stage.

Barsha Moktan....she was asked about what would she choose feeding 1000 people or creating 1000 jobs.... She wittingly replied creating 1000 jobs..... Her explanation was clever and ended a little off but it was still good.

So all the audience are waiting for the top 5 announcement and all of a sudden the host comes and shares that they will decide the winner they are running our of time...

We were so shocked.... How can you decide the winner without having a common question asked to everyone and examine their intellectualism on a common question.
You can not expect the answer of how would u develop your nation vs tell me the most beautiful part of your body's answer to be on the same level of intellectualism.... Then how can you chose a winner?

And then the winner was announced ... Second runner up... The girl could even answer the question .... She was asked her agenda to promote tourism/ Nepali culture.... She just blabbered and didn't answer the question at all
Let me not even talk about the first runner up.... She was an even bigger shock to me...
And then the winner was announced astha shrestha. ... Well she did gave her answer beautifully and I had predicted her to be on top 5 but using the same answer from her introduction... She didn't show any diversity and depth in her knowledge.... Not a winner at all.... But still she made sense than the other girls...

Well I truly feel sorry for the other girls who were clearly more deserving!

Also, I am sure people can see in the video ( if they upload it without editing) how the girls were literally dragged on to the stage as they were running out of time... Also I heard when people went and talked to the CEO of the program to inform of the unfairness, the guy just ran away in the middle of thconversation... Shame on you Amit Shah!
Also i heard the contestants complaining that there were guys who kept on entering the girls changing room asking them to leave as the building is closing... There were few girls who were half naked.... Totally disrespectful... After confirming with few other contestant they said it was true... Again... shame on you Miss Nepal USA!!!!

Also, the program had started late last year as well and ended around 2 am... If they had learned from their previous experience, they should have started the program on time or at least find a hall that would allow them to open even pass the designated time with additional money provided..

Also if you guys didn't had time... You guys could have taken the UFO and peace walk away... And given the time for the contestant and it is about them not UFO or peace walk..,( I have to say peace walk was beautiful and was UFO walk... But with not having time... That was something the program could have done without)

Also, I heard the girls were asked to pay/ raise 1000 sponsorship fee for the program.... Few girls are international students as well... I am an international student and I understand how hard it is to get $1000 and also to take a week off to participate in the event.... If the girls are doing so much.... The organizers should have respected them by at least organizing the show more efficiently and giving them a full, fair platform....

But clearly NOT.... Shame on you miss Nepal USA! You guys only think about making money and not about these girls who came there with a lot of hopes and dreams...also all after this, instead of writing an apology to the audience and the contestant... You guys advertise it a a successful event.... Shame on you!

I will post the link of the video, once I find it... But I am 100percent sure they will do a major editing on the it will be too embarrassing to show the world....

A message to the contestants... I know a lot of girls mentioned you were there to promote a better Nepal... I highly encourage you all to protest against this injustice and the organizers who were clearly unfair and money minded people... So that in future no one gets cheated off... In this way you can help you country and future Nepali contestant...good luck!
Posted on 08-14-12 4:14 PM     [Snapshot: 247]     Reply [Subscribe]
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thanks for sharing this
Posted on 08-14-12 4:19 PM     [Snapshot: 247]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 14-Aug-12 04:23 PM

Posted on 08-14-12 6:38 PM     [Snapshot: 487]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Ha ha .. I was there too.....Nepali ko kamaune Dau.... and still they do things/ decide  from parda pachadi....ignoring the audiences and  real talent/performers........could not satisfy self with  winners announced  but ...enjoyed Om Brikram Bista,  nalina chitrakar...and solo Voilin  performance on "maitighar"...met few people.........But i have serious objection of our Ambassador  attending each and every nepali programmes/ parties ? Does he have to? or does he have not other jobs?..........tesari chardai hidnu k Nepali parampa ho ki saralata.. wa ...pako bela ma khai halu manasikta?
Posted on 08-14-12 8:24 PM     [Snapshot: 811]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Totally agree. It was such a shame to even be an audience. Seriously, the event was very unfair and crappy. I hope the participating girls will fight against this.
There were a lot of deserving participants! I know for sure one of the winners was way out of the question in the top ten round.
Shame on you organizers!!
Posted on 08-14-12 9:34 PM     [Snapshot: 930]     Reply [Subscribe]
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totally agreed.  It was sooo unoraganized and unprofessional. Yo sab Paisa khane dau matra ho.  In the name of promoting our culture they are just insulting it.  Here are the few things i would like to mention about this program
1)   how in the hell a jury can select top three out of 10 candidates.
2)  Why were the contestants brought in to the mainstage from backstage when the winners were announced (Why wouldn't all the contestants be standing in front stage). As a matter of fact, the stage was so cluttered with all the jury members at the end of show. Why wouldn't the organizers think that there wasn't enough room for the winners and the jury members.
3) What's up with jury members--they couldn't even properly ask the questions. They had no clue what they were asking. And how come the candidate who  answered the question with utmost stupidity be second runner up in the competition. Refer to the recent Sajha posting on this. Now I come to thinking that every year the second runner up quota is set aside for the ones which the organizers favor.
4) I couldn't stop laughing my assoff when those ladies were doing candle-dance. All coming to the frontstage and performing same steps (no variety-- crappy choreography). The hilarious of all-- where did the contestants learn to do Namaskar like that--stretching forelimbs all the way up, all the way skyhigh and finally the "Namaskar". I think the art of doing namaskar is not hard and fast--Namaskar doesn't have to be so artistic.
5) What's up with crowning of the title winners--they should have been seated first and the reigning winners should have been crowned gracefully.
6) Overall crappy choreography, crappy management, very biased--why bother to even do this, just do all this in a closed rooms since the winners are already fixed. What did they do with all those money they raised, minimun 1000 dollar from each participant.  Finally hoping to see how the finances were handled and how the fundraised money were used.

However, I was very impressed with some of the contestants like Astha shrestha, Srijanee joshi, Barsha and few others. They were deserving candidates. I will like to advice them not to participate in these kind of crappy programs, u guys are really talented and deserve better than this.

Posted on 08-14-12 9:42 PM     [Snapshot: 1235]     Reply [Subscribe]
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here is the link to video:


Posted on 08-14-12 11:43 PM     [Snapshot: 1786]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have a question to all those participent. After what happened last year ( which was overall same like this ) why do they waste thier 1000 bucks and participate such worst program. Chilaaune ra kanaune ustai chan yeha
Posted on 08-15-12 12:08 AM     [Snapshot: 1868]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Thanks for sharing. I already expected that when they were asking $1000/- sponsorship fee, and trying to raise $150,000/- in fund raiser. Crap.
Posted on 08-15-12 12:54 AM     [Snapshot: 2066]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Miss Nepal USA is just a total bullshit. I don't even know why people wanna participate in these kinda beauty pageant. NOTHING is gonna happen even if you win the title!!

Posted on 08-15-12 8:40 AM     [Snapshot: 2525]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Totally agree with all of your postings. What a mess the organizers made!! The VIP ticket was total waste of money: where was the VIP entrance with professional red carpet photo shot (?) as  it was mentioned  on the ticket ads. .  what voting right the VIP ticket holders had? No dinner was served during the event as mentioned for VIP..!? 

Even during the "Talent show contest" on 11 Aug in NYC, the MC kept asking the audience to vote for the favorite contestant well before the program was over. And the voting was fraud too!! You had to buy 3 tickets for $5 and could buy as many as you want!!?? Provided that you had enough to spent!. Don't know who really won that contest (by vote) and how much money they made out of it?

During the audition round one of the contestant was asked - "There are three lakes in and around Pokhara. Can you name them?" . The contestant could answer only two. Then the judge who asked the question, said he did not know the third one either and asked other judges the name of remaining one. Luckily one of the judges knew the answer and saved the day! What a joke!

By the way back to VA; At the end, the security guys kept chasing all the guests quoting - "the building was closed and to leave immediately." What an insult.

Shame on you the organizers. If you (organizers) have any remorse don't even think to organize such a pageant in the future and leave the talented girls alone. Don't rip them off of their hard earn money, time and talent not to mention the hard work they put during the period!

Last edited: 15-Aug-12 12:59 PM

Posted on 08-15-12 10:07 AM     [Snapshot: 2729]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Someone very truly expressed that...these people have already made money... will stay slient and again organize the show next year again....I AGAIN encourage the participants to FIGHT against this.....

Take this fight legally as you guys have a case as the organizers didn't provided the full platform and ended the competition inbetween....also if the food/bed and medical situation that was shared by one of the readers is true guys have a CLEAR case of human rights violation......take this matter legally and atleast assk for the sponsorship money and the the personal cost that was involved in the pagent BACK!

I am sure these Organizers did all of this beacuse they KNEW they could get away from this.....Nepali are lazy when it comes to fighting legally.......BUT GIRLS do not give up this time....those people can not get away ripping off your innocence.....

Also, to all other people, lets supports hamro baini haru on this matter. If you guys need to talk to a Lawyer, message me...I know few who can fight for you guys for free....

Lets bring the organizers to thier place! I just looked at thier website, they are still advertising it as a SUCCESSFUL event! Shame ON THEM!

Posted on 08-15-12 10:18 AM     [Snapshot: 2779]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What a shame ...

Posted on 08-15-12 10:43 AM     [Snapshot: 2846]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Miss Nepal USA had so much hype and I was super excited to get selected as one of the 28 beautiful ladies! This would be an  opportunity, a platform -to put forward myself to do something for the nation.  When I was asked for $1000 sponsorship- I thought the event will be worth it! So I packed my bags and bought my ticket ( in addition to the $1000) and flew to Washington DC. When I arrived at the destination- I met 27 other beautiful ladies who had come with the same hopes and dreams! So, we started the journey together. As I got to know each of them, I learned how much of hard time each of them had in order to raise the $1000. But, we all thought it would be worth it.


The week went on and  the particpants and the organizers came together to be a family. A family that had very open conversation at every stage… so we came closer and we learned to trust and support each other. We had a fun photoshoot, great make up session , enjoyable training session with our choreographer, a lot of entertaining  guffgaff with the oraganizing team, and memorable visit to the Nepalese Embassy. We were really proud of these things and we all believed we were off to a great experience! There was also a lot of disorganization during the week and we kept being understanding towards the management thinking that Miss Nepal US was currently in a baby stage, the organizers were still learning- and hence they needed our support. We were all very happy to have an opportunity to learn so much from each other- and our excitement made up for our frustration.However disorganized the training period was- each of us believed that the grand finale would be worth it. It would indeed be very GRAND!!!!


Whatever happened on the final day shocked us!  The event started two hours late at 9 o clock. The event was held in a University and the University was only booked till 11 pm.(???)  Once the show started-a lot of choreography got cancelled! They said we were running out of time! All the choreography that we practiced with our choreographer  went down the drain. All her effort went down the drain. She still stood there smiling and supporting us. The evening gown round was cancelled- the gown round where one of our designers had worked so hard for. Shestayed up all night working on them- all her effort also went down the drain! Then to save time we were called back stage and were told to please cooperate we have only 20 minutes to end the show- we  will announce the top ten and will select the top 5 based on how they walk. Thanks to the winners of last year – Sujita Basnet, Tilasmi Bista, and Nabina Basnet that the top ten got the question and answer round. We were told back stage that they would get questions and 2 minutes to write down the answerbut that did not happen. All contestants were asked a different question and within minutes they were crowned winners. No one knows how they were judged. This show did not feel like a beauty pageant.Miss Nepal USA was truly one memorable experience!


I am not here to say that I should have won or one particular person should have won! The winners could have been the same- It’s the system I am upset about. I am not here to attack the organizers. (if that was my mission- I could have made an anonymous post) .They are near and dear to me. I am only here to express my opinion about the event. These participants paid $1000, had left schools, and their jobs to be able to be a part of Miss Nepal US. These particpants had to fly from all different states in USA. We  are all very disappointed and sad with how it worked out. The show could have started on time, more than that learning from how late last year's show went, and how late the talent show went in NY- a different venue could have been booked! It felt as if the family we thought we had did not value the time and effort of the people involved! Some of us might speak up and some of us might not, but I know no one is really happy with how grand finale turned out to be! I am a person who sticks to my morals   and I want to raise awareness about what I think went wrong in the show. If you disagree with me- I will respect your opinion too

Posted on 08-15-12 11:06 AM     [Snapshot: 2946]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Everything was going great till the grand finale.

The grand finale was a disaster because the organizers, the management decided to save a few bucks by organizing the finale at the University where the venue cost was minimal.

Shame on the organizers for putting everyone's effort in jeopardy by trying to save a few bucks and turning the event into a disaster.

Posted on 08-15-12 11:12 AM     [Snapshot: 2960]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What are the names of the organizers of this program? We should demand an apology from them.

Posted on 08-15-12 11:14 AM     [Snapshot: 2960]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Hello Everyone, so what can we do as a community to make the ogranizers responsible for thier actions?
So that in future NOONE ever thinks about taking our time, money and value lightly!
Posted on 08-15-12 11:45 AM     [Snapshot: 3067]     Reply [Subscribe]
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According to the website:  

The event was organised by Event Planet Inc., USA with support from E Planet Pvt. Ltd, Nepal and many other USA based Nepali organizations. 

According to the facebook postings, the websites and other ads I saw, the following groups were involved with the audition and the main event:

The Cheli Group
Element 5 Entertainment
Ridgewood Nepali Society
West2East Photography
Himalayan Yak

Disclaimer : I don't know anyone from any of these organizations - I wanted to list the names I saw on various ads and other postings since some people were wondering who was involved with the event. Feel free to correct the list if you/your organization was not a part of the event. 

Posted on 08-15-12 1:13 PM     [Snapshot: 3253]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I am not worried for 30 bucks I paid ... I wanted to see how it is... Organizers will have to try better next time.....  But does these kind of events really add value to the society/ country/ personal development? Sud they be organised??
I was impressed that every 28 contestant wanted to do something back in Nepal ( preserve nepali culture atleast) during introduction round. hope they do..
Posted on 08-15-12 2:14 PM     [Snapshot: 3276]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 गेडा सुन्निने गरि दिनु पर्ने $$$ भोगी  धोंगीहरुलाई ; धोका पनि के सारो दिन सकेको हौ यी मुला बोकाहरुले;
लहरै घोप्टो पारेर त्यो हाम्रो गामतिर क्वाके सार्कीले बोकेर हिड्ने बोकालाई धसी धसी खसी बनाउने चिम्तोले च्याप्दिनुपर्ने !
अनि हाम्रो नानिमुइयाहरुलाइ पनि मान्नै पर्छ , थाहा हुदा हुदै बल्ल बल्ल घण्टा हान्दै कमाको पैसाले मजाले फी तिर्दै नपढेर के खान मिस अमरिकाको टिल्ल परेको बिल्ला भिर्न मन लाग्या होला. 
लास्ता दि एस एल आर बाट उही [Disallowed String for - inappropriate]ले खिच्या मुले विडियो मा देखिनु न हो!
मलाई पहिलेई साझामा बोगटीको  एड आउदा नै काउकुती लाइसक्याथ्यो!


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