Posted by: MVCgroup June 8, 2018
Some queries about AWS and IT training
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I hope this post answers some queries:

Most of the big company are moving to the cloud based platform. One of the biggest example I could think of right now is the announcement of JEDI(Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) project of DOD for cloud technology. With this announcement, it can be inferred that the cloud technology has started gaining lot of trust in terms of security of the system, along with other benefits it already caters.
To learn more about cloud computing:

Do I need to Learn Linux for Cloud computing?
Yes, as most of the system are LINUX based. Even the micosoft base Cloud Computing System Azure is hosted in Linux.

What certification to get?
Azure and AWS are the main provider of cloud computing solution in market and has their own certification.
If you are looking to get the most out of the certification, then I would suggest
AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
AWS Certified Developer - Associate is also very valuable in Market.

If the Solution Architect, it comes with the role to present your solution to the client and involves going to senior management level meeting.

Right now, most of them would be thinking is there any IT consulting company that gives training on it?
For those, I would say, not to go that route. Instead of investing time and money with those IT company, try to learn on your own through online portals. These days, those consulting firms charges you anywhere from 1500 to 3000 for the training and invite someone from Indian or here to give you the training. Instead of that, my suggestion would be leverage the technology we have today. Udemy,, coursera, Linkedin Learning are available. One of my colleague said, and it is true, all you need to learn something these days is you need to have time, passion and book and internet connection. Thousand of youtube videos and blogs are there to help you.

what about people who have OPT and want to take a chance in IT?

First of all, IT field should not be your fall back plan. "I tried, did not work and let me try IT field" might not work for you anymore. That will not help at all. If you are in F1 status, and going to school, then my advise it to plan your career well. Technology has huge demand, use your resources to get a degree related to computer. It does not have to be computer science. It will help you get your H1B and eventually green card.

For the non IT background folks, I believe that there is room for everyone. When you go through your Consulting Company, give your 100% and more. Learn the techniques and learn it well. Prepare well for your interview. No matter which IT company you work for, there is only handfull of vendors you will land, such as TCS, Congizant, Delliote, K Force and so on. When you are in the market, be confident and sell yourself like a product that they would have to buy. Present yourself as a hot commodity. If you think you are not ready to face the interview, then dont give it. With technology, all the technical questions are out there. Read it, Memorize it and make a story about it so that you can sell it.

To add to a positive note, I has seen that as a nepali, we are very hardworking and we give our 100%. The only thing we need is little bit of luck and little bit of help from fellow Nepali citizens.

To all Nepali ITcians:

Please do help fellow Nepalese. Don't be that guy who chops off the rope after getting to the point so no one reaches there. Let's help each other, especially, let's try to help Nepalese folks who are in F1 status, and then the others follows.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions related to IT. I might not have all the answers, but I can definitely point you to the right direction or person.
-The MVC Group.

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