Posted by: ujl January 30, 2018
Opening Threading Business
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Here are couple of things you need to do some research before opening your threading store.

- Who are you targeting at? In other words, what is your target market? The answer to this question depends on your budget as well. Are you opening a really upscale store, then you might wanna target rich consumers. I am guessing you are targeting middle class Americans, or Nepalese or Indians. If you are, you can open an okay looking store.

- After you find your target market, you need to figure out exact physical location. Is it a college town? Is it a town without any college students? Research mall areas as well? Typically open your store where lots of people visit daily. Easily accessible by public transportation as well. I will either choose mall areas or a place with lots of college students.

- Don't expect to go on profit the very first year. Work hard and earn the good reputation in the first year. Understand this one thing: People don't buy products or services, instead they seek to satisfy their motives. Understand customer motives and try to solve them through your service. Give best quality service. This will help in the long run. Because when customers like your service, they will tell their friends and relatives. In marketing we call it WOM (Word of Mouth) marketing. It is very powerful.

I wish you all the best.

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