Posted by: triglycerides October 26, 2017
Triglicerides High in Nepali, Why ?
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As we all know, folks from Indian Subcontinent are known to be notorious for having high bad cholesterol. I am no different, I have high cholesterol too. I live in California, I am a 30 old male from kathmandu, Bahun if you need to know and my triglycerides are super high. I am 5'6' with 150lbs weight so my BMI is average. I admit I am guilty that I do not exercise daily but I consider myself pretty active person and I rarely eat junk. My Triglycerides are 450 when the optimal range is under 150 and overall cholesterol 240 where the optimal is below 199.

my Doctor says he wants to start me on medication but my brother in law has same problem, high triglyceride 750 and he says all Nepali has high triglyceride, its genetics and suggests these white doctors do not know our population and I am too young to start on medicine.

My curiosity is, I cannot find a study that suggests high cholesterol is a norm for Nepalese, so I just wanted to see if other Nepali share the same curiosity that I have, "High bad cholesterol otherwise healthy ". Looking forward to hear from you :)
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