Posted by: gorkhaymomo October 11, 2017
How to Make Kakro Ko Achar / Green Cucumber Masala काक्रोको अचार | Vegetarian Nepali Food Dish
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Today I am cooking a Nepali Style Kakro Ko Achar (Green Cucumber Masala / काक्रोको अचार ). This is a very popular dish around Nepal, but we will be using this for the festival Tihar also known as Deepawali, Yamapanchak or Sunti. It is five-day-long Hindu festival celebrated in Nepal and some Indian states. Tihar is the second biggest Nepalese festival after Dashain.

This is a long episode so we broke it down to smaller episodes 🙏
◼️ Chana Masala / Chickpeas Fry ▶️
◼️ Bodi Masala / Black-eyed Peas Fry ▶️
◼️ Matar Masala / Green Peas Fry ▶️
◼️ Kakro Ko Achar / Green Cucumber Masala ▶️
◼️ More to Come

Nepali Tihar तिहार Recipe | Nepalese Deepawali Festival Food | Newari Sunti सुन्ती Celebration Fest


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