Posted by: mulajasto July 29, 2017
has anyone gotten Training and placement from Ikauda?
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Jack02, very true with what you said about needing to be don in a reliable way. Not ikauda but i had 3 other ppl in sajha who said they have some sort of consultancy to place me. Upon further interaction i found out that they were mostly single people who were trying to place people , no traning, no consultancy or business registered and don't ask me how they were making money. One of them said he'll refer me to a consultancy, so i guess a broker of a consultancy. All of them wanted my immigration and other ids sent to them in email as attachment. So i did not continue with them. One of the them was barely a f1 student who was still going to school while trying to start his own consultancy business , i suppose.
well about ikauda, i have heard from some friends that the trainer right now for .net is very good, but again it's risky to join them without knowing whats their placement rate and if there are other satisfied placements in the past. I am glad that this post was created. So far i'm not seeing any post from anyone who made it to the job and are sticking around.
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