Posted by: GeetMaiJawaafDiu? April 6, 2017
where is the logic in that???
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I used the 'chaplusi' word in a blanket-statement sense. I am not blaming any individual in particular here. But being subservient may be a deeply ingrained characteristic in the Nepalese society and even more intensely so in the Indian society given the distinct strata of four castes that has existed for millennia. Nepal bows to every whim of India and the Commonwealth of India, in turn, to the Western nations and corporations. India is covetedly called the largest democracy for none'. Anyway, Nepal has become a derivative common-wealth nation as a result.
You did not have to copy and paste your statement about reciprocal conferral of honorary title for the nth time. But now that it's done...Oh well.
Let's say Kathmandupost misled its readers. Shall we?

Regarding the gift of seven horses to NA, we could have politely declined to accept for a change. Jim Carrey could have drawn an analogy of the dog and you know what.

But we could potentially receive horses in more numbers from China if we started conferring similar military titles to them.

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