Posted by: BadhiJanne April 6, 2017
where is the logic in that???
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GeetMai, just wanna argue, do we?
What I posted was seriously not enough for you? At this point, I generally move on thinking the other side just wants to argue. But I want to give you a benefit of doubt and will expand further as you've requested.

First of all, the news itself. Like I said, Kantipur posted it wrong. Would you believe one source or multiple other sources?

Even Kantipurpost says the same thing:

Like the articles say, and I have been saying all along,
"Nepal and India have a long tradition of conferring such titles on the chiefs of their armies since 1950 to signify the close military-to-military ties."

If both countries have been doing it for over 60 years, why is it necessary for a "developed" country to do the same thing for you to feel that we aren't doing the "chaplusi".

I posted another link from Kathmandupost which stated that India did the SAME EXACT THING to Nepali COAS. Are they doing the chakadi too?

If this doesn't address your concern, I will just assume you don't want to understand.
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