Posted by: hardworker1 March 7, 2017
South east asian aryans now fearing white aryans in US
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I called you poor soul and you proved it once again. You are a poor soul because you are happy when someone is suffering and if you are a true Buddhist then you would never do that because Buddha never taught to hate anyone not even to your fierce enemy. Only those poor souls who never get satisfied in life on their own are looking for a crazy reason like yours to feel satisfied.
In a situation like this when our country is going through this critical transitional period, it is the responsibility of an educated people like yourself to educate the community about the importance of unity and how political leaders can take advantage by playing this racism card for their vested political and personal interest. If you can't think critically to any political scenario and just follow some ideas of corrupted political leaders and arouse people from your community then you are cultivating these hate ideas inside your community, then the winner will be those corrupted politicians who have been using the same old formula to divide and rule. And this is not only to you but to everyone who is not using their critical analysis to the idea given by political leaders and follow them blindly.

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