Posted by: Biruwa March 6, 2017
South east asian aryans now fearing white aryans in US
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You are mistaken and your attitude sucks.

Actually the so called whites are not pure Aryans. A group of Aryans migrated to the cold European Area more than 20,000 years ago and mated with the Neanderthals. The current so called "Caucasians" have approx. 2% Neanderthal gene.

Also did you know that Buddha was an Aryan. And you are advising others to be compassionate like Buddha and same time you are speaking unkindly towards what you identify as others. I guess you are mongoloid.

I will pray to God and you recognize that there are outer differences and inside we are all the same. That is what Buddha taught, that is what Yoga says.
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