Posted by: MaGokhre1 March 5, 2017
Payment delay working on cash
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And before you this....

Write a Formal Letter (obviously print it in a plain White Paper) and give it to them..e.g template below:


Mr. Patel

You have failed to provide me with my salary compensation on my repeated verbal and written requests. This is the final warning notice to provide my remuneration for my work to your business.

(pasting what furke here....

When you file case, ask for overtime till date. Suppose, you worked 60 hours a week for 1 year and you only got paid regular, claim 20 hrs overtime a week for one year. Also, claim meal break. Here is a breakdown of what u get awarded by labor judge:
1. Your pay owed by your boss
2. If your salary was 100 a day, penalty of $100x30 days = $3000
3. Penalty of around $600-$1000 (not sure exactly how much)
4. Meal break pay for as long as u worked for that guy
5. Overtime pay for as long as you worked for that guy
(ali milayera ..timi lai kati claim garna maan cha..tyo sabai yaha mathi rakha...)

and print your name at the bottom...
ani print garera pathai parla parla..tini haru le timi lai pani taile pani ta cash maa illegally kaam garis bhanera bhanla...but that will not be a big issue for you...not withholding Federal Taxes when paying employees are penalized offenses to the Employer first.
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