Posted by: Sajhaquery January 25, 2017
home purchase
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First set your budget and see if you can put 20% down or not. If you can, then you don't have to mortgage insurance and will help you a lot.
Second search on Zillow and make your mind on what area and price range you want to buy. During the process, you can request to visit some house that you like, and you will be contacted by Realtors.
Even if you like the very first house you visit, take your time and see at least 10 others and get some idea from different Realtors. By this time you will have learned a lot about what do you really want. And also, talk with some people that bought house recently.
I was in the market in DFW area for house but decided not to buy, I do have contact for a realtor and lender who sounded genuine and helped me when I was in market. If you want pm me and I can share it with you.
It should be a great time to buy house now if you are planning to put at least 20%down.
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