Posted by: Dindukhi January 17, 2017
वा अमेरिका !! थू अमेरिका !! दलदल अमेरिका
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Analysis of this video:
- The Nepali visitor lived 30-45 days (lot of time to stay here, since Nepalis work once a week in Nepal). I wonder where did he lived, probably slept on couch at corner of living room of family who makes 8-13/hour. "Jun thanlma khayo tesai ma achi garne", typical Nepali.
- People residing in USA will have too many credit cards but don't have a debit card (no checking/saving bank account ?). How do they make monthly payment on credit cards ? An example of pseudo intellectual.
- US people make minimum wage of $8/hr. Visitor sees opportunity in Nepal who work for $6/day (sadly its labor job earnings).
- Americans don't have any moral values. Nepal government and politicians never turn down US taxpayers aid.
- Nepalis work as Uber driver, 7/11 gas station, subway etc in USA but visitor doesn't see people working as bus assistant (khalasi hanging on door), highway drivers, dishwasher in their early age in Nepal.

Many Nepalis have lived here for decades and still learning US politics, technology and economics. Here comes a tori lahure who would not afford his own accommodation during US visits, rant all negative about USA.
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