Posted by: SajhaHelpUSer January 12, 2017
How do you bring TV to Nepal?
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Anything over 32 inches will cost you about 15 thousand rupees, which is a guestimate on my part.
The hassle however is getting the TV to work as you might need a converter to get the TV to work in Nepal something like this "Orei XD-1090 Premium 1080p HDMI PAL to NTSC Video Converter (REIO Technology)" which is availaible on amazon.
I would recommend that you buy a TV in nepal itself as the cost difference might be a hundred dollars but you know that the TV will work from day 1.
If you do decide on taking the TV home, just go over to a UPS store and they will pack it appropriately so that even if they drop it from a 100 feet there will be no damage to the TV. As the airline to slap a fragile sticker and they are obligated to once you ask them. if you do that you will get the TV there without any damage. I still recommend you buy the TV in Nepal.

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