Posted by: taremam_bhai January 11, 2017
किन पढ्नु अमेरीकामा???
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I completely agree on what you said and going home is another option which is fine but in professional work they mostly care about how much knowledge you have or what we call EXPERTISE. Expert factor brings in personality, confidence and ability to speak but in real work job environment if you have personality and confidence and public speaking ability but dont know what you talking about in a technical way thats a problem.
I havent had much exposure to lots of colleagues of mine but there are few who doesnt really communicate well but have been in their position without getting fired.
and I can tell you brother with confidence that I was also one who didnt find a job after school for a long time, Though personality and other trait helps; wish it could help more but brother you got some points too..

I believe[I might be wrong too ] school only guides you to show you the way and then rest is upon oneself and luck
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