Posted by: sidster January 11, 2017
किन पढ्नु अमेरीकामा???
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Ramro GPA and Ramro Padhai does not always guarantee a pay off.

You need a competing personality, communication skills, and the skill to present yourself appealing to others.

Can we agree that us Nepalese in general are less confident and with less communication skills than the indians?

Who has not found the jobs after school??

The one who always thought he qualified to walk the fashion ramps in college programs. The one who thought of himself as smarter, popular, and better "swaggin" than others. He managed to get the $10 clerk job while in school cos he knew how to say " wassup" better. Those "wassup" gangs are still doing the $10/hr job at age 35 and over.

Very rarely i have also seen nerds with ZERO communication and people skill also not find jobs.

Know what you want. Know what the purpose of the step you take and go from there. Consulting for stepping stone is fine. Or moving back home and doing something there is also fine.
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