Posted by: instagram November 11, 2016
TRUMP 2016!!! Here is why?
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Whatajoke do not criticize other unless they criticize him!!! Also he don't let them go!!! Re LOL
First of all this (taking your own name) proves you are one of those who think themselves superior . Aru le tapai bhanos ki nabhanos aafai Mapaai. And your previous post also shows that too.
Second, look your second post on this thread, you started bashing other with F word !! And you said you don't criticize other unless they do.
Lol dude. You are shameless piece of brown immigrants shit.
You are immigrants with dependent wife and anchor baby !! And you think you are white just because one Republican helped you for making GC.
नेपाल मा एउटा थेगो आएछ कति हास्नु भन्ने तलाई थ्याक्क सुहाउछ ।
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