Posted by: tito-satya October 4, 2016
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Well, I am not into cloud computing professionally. Definitely everything is going towards cloud, so understanding how the technology works is a great thing and it pays you good as well in a long term. And it is NOT that difficult as well to understand, but you have to understand that cloud computing is the output of several other technologies. And above them, you have to have a solid grasp of virtualization. So you have to understand all those technologies. Technologies like Networking; you have to know how physical networking works in some detailed level and how virtual networking works, what are the devices out there which provides the level of virtualization in networking. Likewise, storage technologies; How SAN, NAS, iSCSI storage works, how virtualization on those technologies works, what devices supports virtualization on them. Lastly, you have to know physical servers, how blade servers work, how rack mount works, how their connectivity is done in datacenter. And how virtualization on those physical servers works, what the technologies are there for server virtualization. These all are different fields and all pays you good. You can choose any, like, Networking, or Storage, or Server management or virtualization. After you know all these, then only you can think of standing or moving towards cloud computing.

Nothing hurts to directly studying AWS, but you will be just working on the product which somebody has also stood up, where somebody has configured everything for you and you just click and boom! you deploy a machine out of the blue. You click delete, you the machine is gone! Sounds fascinating! But without knowing the underlying technology, I do not know how far you can go in your job survival. What if you are hired as an AWS expert and something crazy happens in the datacenter and the SAN Fabric goes down. You are dead at that point because you do not know what SAN is and what fabric is, how fabric interconnect modules work. Lets say network in your infrastructure goes down, again you are dead because you do not know what distribution switch is, what edge switches are, how access switch works. Where you will go and find the root cause? So I would say, you need to have a lot of knowledge before you go in the job hunt in cloud computing. It is not difficult, but the course cannot be taught in 2 months paying just $600, but it is a good start.

Yes, you might know how to administer the GUI of AWS and can deploy machines, or delete them, or get connectivity to your WAN or LAN learning from Deepu's class but things goes too complex in many instances. Yes, it is a new technology so you will get a lot of chances to learn and your company will have some tolerance level as well, but that is purely luck.
Cloud computing is for those persons who have immense experience in datacenter or have at least grasp on one of the technologies: networking, storage or server. Not for beginner. But trying never hurts, give a shot and see how you do.

And please choose another teacher than Deepu. He just teaches you basics and covers maybe between 5% to 10% maximum. But yes, he will make you believe that you know all. That is for sure. But once you go in job and the real trouble shooting occurs, you will be completely lost.

Again, purely, this is my subjective opinion. I did not intend to neglect the expertise of Deepu nor anyone. Good Luck.

There was a nepali guy in sajha who was an expert in datacenter, virtualization and was moving towards cloud computing but I do not see him nowadays, in fact, I spoke with him once (he changed his number now). Few people in sajha were just on him for no reason when he was helping others. Do not want to take names. He would have been a great source of knowledge sharing for everyone of us. I wish he reads and shades some light.
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