Posted by: tito-satya October 4, 2016
Best IT Training Suggestion
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AWS is amazon's cloud service (Amazon Web Services) so definitely to have a long term future you need to know virtualization, and how different components underlying the virtualization platform works, like, networking, storage area network (SAN), iSCSI Storage, NAS, how server virtualization works, different vendors of hardware servers, switches and storage devices.
I do not believe that just knowing how to provision a machine in already stood up infrastructure of AMS helps a lot in your job hunt. Maybe you get lucky and get hired which is a good point to start.
As far as I know, you need to know detailed level of hardware infrastructure like, networking devices, storage devices, server hardware and how they communicate with each other. Secondly, you need a solid grasp of how virtualization technology works, like VMware Virtualization, Hyper V or Citrix Xen Virtualization. Then you can understand Cloud services like AWS or any other cloud service provider's proprietary product. But nothing hurts giving a shot.
As far as Deepu goes, he is not worth to learn. Believe me. There are several good instructors way better than him. The thing is you guys do not know. Do some google, and you will find several of them. Deepu has so persuasive voice and commanding voice that he makes you believe that he is giving you every thing but truth is, he gives only 10%. He is a great manipulator, nothing else.
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