Posted by: NepaliNajar September 23, 2016
TPS termination for Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone May 21, 2017
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In my research, there are multiple factors that affects the designation and extension of TPS.

1) The first factors is, the affected country should officially ask DHS to extend or designate (in out case re-designate) TPS. In our case, Nepalese embassy is doing great in this matter. Moreover, the relationship between country seeking TPS and the US government should also be very pleasing. Philippines also made petition to the US government because of the huge hurricane, but US government still did not designate TPS.

2) Another factors is the current condition of the country. The secretary of DHS should give reasons on extension, re designation or designation of TPS in the particular country. Otherwise, senate or other government or non government may question him/her.

3) Economic condition of the country also plays important role on extension and designation of TPS. DHS is extending the TPS for Haiti for the economic condition of the Haiti.

4) One of the prominent factors is, if the number of TPS holder is very high, it is very likely that the TPS will be extended forever. The main reason behind this is the economic benefit the US getting. See the Elsalvador. The number of TPS holder from Elsalvador is more than 50,000. So they are keeping extending it.

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