Posted by: KhooChheeng August 31, 2016
मेरो बागडोलमा रहेको घर मा छोरी को नाता ले पूर्वराष्ट्रपति लाइ स्वागत छ
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KhooChheeng agrees to seeker77's thoughts to a large extent and appreciates all thoughts.
खूचींग to the dim lamp!
Khoochheeng does like to curse the darkness. Also Khoocheeng appreciates the dim oil lamp into the vast darkness even though the light is dim and not sufficient. KhooChheeing's small mind recalls the constant dim light sincerely working for Nepal despite the unfavorable opportunist currents and movements.
Then what?
तेसैले यो KhooCheeng को
खूचींग खूचींग खूचींग to the dim lamp!

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