Posted by: WakkaDikka22 March 10, 2016
IT job help
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Try taking help with team members, Just don't directly ask for help.. but approach in a way that you know.. ask if they know a better way?? And keep ur humiliation aside until you get fired.. Its OKAY to ask em to briefly explain you again. There are time's when you don't get it in one shot and every project is different. Unless you claimed to have work in the same scenario in your previous project. Also when explaining keep a pen and paper handy and ask em to show it to you in written, If you are a fresher, verbally explained/given task is not understood sometimes . If you're not clear of what you need to do, because you are not sure what they want to do. Dig in there, try to learn as much as possible from others, tools and surroundings.. take help, it will only make you better for your next project. Good Luck!
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