Posted by: perrybhadra July 14, 2015
Suggestion and feedback needed for new product in market from Nepali entrepreneur
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Before you head out for marketing, I have basic questions?

Is this a patent-able technology?
How differentiated is the product? Remember Chinese vendors can easily copy it and due to their mass production can offer it at fraction of cost what you would be able to produce.
Who are your competitors or substitute product competitors? I would think of "saftey vest , the yellow vest " . What value your product provides over the yellow vest. Can they easily copy your technology. They are better positioned by having distribution channels and contacts with DOT/traffic police.
What is your thought regarding what added services you can bring to this product line?
Finally if you can't efficiently distinguish your product or see future features add-ons, sellying this technology to somebody might be an good option.
We need to understand that we can always do projects on our own but there is whole lot when we try to sell a product.
I hope this helps.
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