Posted by: seosky May 15, 2015
nepali ecommerce
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Nepal is a small south Asian country surrounded by the two giant countries of the world. Neighbors China and India are doing vast progress in the field of online shopping and all the trade through the internet world. Thus following the same Nepal is slightly emerging towards the global phase of online shop in Nepal.
The history is online shop in Nepal is not so much old but in the recent 10 years it has emerge as the daily basis need to all the citizen in the main cities around the countries. it may be to recharge the mobile phone or to buy movie tickets many of the people are doing shopping through online. In recent days people are also being attracted towards the products shopping through internet which satisfy them by providing deliveries in their footsteps just by using some clicks.
Online shopping is as vast as the people want them to use it. We can buy product from any part of the world by using this method which is very easier for all the people. Nepali people are also doing the same. Previously many people used paper ads of any other means to sell their second hand items and property but nowadays it has emerged to place at internet world and provide easy access to all the people around the world to see them and visit them. Nepali citizens now seek a house from sitting in an apartment of Europe and does the deals, isn’t it a good thing that online shopping has been doing a great progress to facilitate all the people around the world.
E commerce may not has been able to get good market but also the teenagers who are futures of the society give more time for the internet thus the online market has been mostly attracted to them in buying their delicious food to the latest smart phone which they can easily compare by siting in their room using any means of smart phone. Online payment system which is operated by all the financial institution nowadays are giving more support for all the people who buys Friday morning movie tickets sitting in their home at Wednesday evening.
World has been so much small for shopping due to the help of the online shopping. Online shop in Nepal will rise in such a way that Nepal will be emerging as the fastest eCommerce country where 1 kg potatoes will be provided in the footsteps by use of internet in the near future.
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