Posted by: sojoketo February 15, 2015
Scholl says h1 approved but USCIS says its pending -- help please
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I understand,
you filed your h1b on april 2014?
this is feb 2015, 10 months to get the decision on h1b is too long.
1. From USCIS website, try to find out the processing time for h1b, form I-129
2. raise a SR(service request) on USCIS for h1b, if you can.
Call USCIS customer service and ask them about it.
(i think you can do Info-pass too with USCIS, not sure about h1b)

Google what and how to do SR or info pass.

3. To get decision on your h1b pending case, you can make your h1b processing time premium anytime paying around $1250.
However, it's already been so long, I assume raising a SR would take care of it. So no need to do premium

4. Talk with your lawyer who filed your h1b because he/she could have figured out why the case is pending so long.

5. search about the similar case like yours on trackitt and post your question, you will get a reply from the experience user. trackitt is useful website for information on immigration stuff.

I think, your h1b should be already approved as it is way long period and your sevis is updated as well.

I understand, under CPT there is no cap gap rule like OPT,
However, if you h1b is still pending and you are in usa, you probably could stay in usa until the decision is made. Well I am not sure of it.

Better talk with your lawyer or some other immigration lawyer.

Good luck

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