Posted by: paniparyo September 26, 2014
एनआरएन राष्ट्रघाती हुन् - डा दीक्षित
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Haha. Dixit is a joke. Classifying us, Nepali living abroad, in this manner from the comfort of his 3 storied home reflects his insecurity and nothing else. He himself went abroad, received an expensive degree from an expensive school, abused numerous platforms using Dixit family name and now when we (some rich, some poor, some educated, some illiterate) Nepali have a chance at some wealth and perhaps some academic opportunities here, he has a problem with that? But, he has no problem with Nepali haru working in the Gulf. We have to do whatever floats our boat. What he does not understand is, some of us that are abroad are actually uplifting academic involvement, and it's not as easy as it looks. We all know how we Nepali struggle in classroom, in the job market. Gulf ma heat le kaam garna garo cha bhane, eta university ma paisa tirna nasakera garo cha. Everyone is fighting their own battle that the next person has no idea about. Gulf ma basne dai didi haru(in fact I have 7 family members that are in Dubai, Malaysia, Qatar, Israel working as migrant labors) went there because of lack of employment in Nepal, and we came here because of lack of quality education and job opportunities. And maybe we will go back one day, or maybe not. Who is he to dictate and question our mindset? One can take the Nepali away from Nepal, but no one can take the Nepal away from any Nepali's heart.

Some one please write a khatra review in response to his article and destroy his pseudo intellectual thinking.
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