Posted by: KnockKnock January 13, 2014
Travel Agent Scam/Fraud
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Almost Got scammed so wanted to share the Story.

Was searching for Cheap Tickets. Started asking Google and the suggestions were Tons. Somehow ended up in Websites, where you have to post your Travel Needs, and Travel Agents would call you up/email you with price quotes, rather than you calling them up. Thought it was very convenient.

So got contacted by a Gentleman (Yup, The way the person - desi guy talked, was very polite and professional compared to any Travel Agent I talked to)...Send me a quick Itinerary, price was cheap...All Good..Was busy so I thought I'll deal with the payment later, since they can hold the Ticket for a day or two....Told him will pay using my Credit Card..But then, the guy wanted me to deposit money in his Chase A/C, which was little weird...Generally while booking I don't confirm with the Airlines, but this time thought of confirming it, saw the Ticket didn't had any Booking/Reservation Code. So asked the guy to send me the code. He was very reluctant and wanted me to deposit half the money first....Ideally, I would be depositing the money and the guy would disappear..Money Gone.....

I guess we all are aware of the scamming 419 emails, scams email related to Job, Stocks, Craiglist car sale, etc..etc...but this was little different, at least for me....

Share if you guys have any interesting scam stories..

Scammer Name: Vikas Deo (Probably real name is different)

Email: (again might use another email address..)

Says 19 Years in business, does not take Credit Card.Asks money to be deposited in this account..

Account holder name
Bank name CHASE BANK
Checking ACCOUNT #4921345412
ROUTING# 322271627

Says The Travel Office is in New Jersey/ New York, and that's where the phone comes from 201-468-9542...

Dumb Ass scammer is located in Canada.

Moral of the Story. Don't Get Fooled, if you are booking a Ticket, Make sure you get the Reservation Number and Call the Airline company directly to make sure the booking is valid, then Only Pay..
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