Posted by: Sleepless August 30, 2013
Our Mentality: Money Over Education?
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Not really.

I will tell you I have seen Nepalese founders who have sold their company for >10mil, and still working on startups. You dont have to be here since 1970s to be CEOs/CTOs/CIOs for companies. You have to passionate, be willing to get out, network and explore.

I know there are a lot of people who are in Senior positions in the US, from Nepal.  But it is very difficult for them to get out of the comfort zone and start taking risks and open startups. Success is measured however you define it. Some people are just happy the way they are.

I am more interested in the Young professionals in the US. They can definitely help each other open startups, network, form a community and see <10 years from now, you'll see many succesful executives. That is how I see it. 
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