Posted by: sirus_me August 24, 2013
Woman-Blood and Silence!
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''A girl is governed by her father, a married woman by her husband, a widow by her sons : Hindu ethical texts -Dharmashastra.
                           Let's leave this ancient quote here for a while.
                      I'm a human  belonging to that very species of animal, categorized as the wisest creatures on Earth, by gender pertaining to the female sex; to be more precise,  I am a homo sapien by genus and species, and a mammalia by class, falling in the order of primates.
                   So what order and genus would a 'male' human being belong to ? Let's take the examples of  the great genius Albert Einstien to the most powerful man on Earth, Barrack Obama. Do their iconic status  segregate or exempt them from the normal biological classification of humans? NO. From a street vagabond to a spoilt rotten tycoon, they( or we) are all animals bound strictly in the same phylum of chordates. You are a hominade, I am a hominade , Baburam Bhattarai is a hominade , Obama is a hominade....

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