Posted by: Eutab4 June 7, 2013
Nepali guys who get with white girls are killers.
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It gives me a lot of laughter..Thank you guys!

Here are my findings: The guys who post these kinds of self-approving actions they took, they have had serious problems. Why would you tout about your silly actions otherwise? If you are confident of a certain life choices, what is causing you to contemplate this deep and come out. You feel very insecure inside, dude! Just sat there, thought a lot, nothing worked; finally they found something..and HEY BINGO...LET'S publicize it...Is it true?

I don't take sides of white or nepalese girls..espcially with the cultural changes in Nepal you cannot really stereotype nepalese girls as naive, emotional, patibhakta. If these are the characteristics you are looking for in your wife, you are a chauvinist mofo....and you don't deserve to be called an American. 

What's wrong with Nepalese girls not being virgin? You have problem with that? That tells you who are. So Americans have been easy..and open about this...while Nepalese deny yet do the exact same thing...

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