Posted by: Sexy In Sari April 29, 2013
घरको न घाटको भइयो
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@ Yuvaraj,

You are right but I think you've not read 844 pages of the bill. The only thing they don't want to consider this as a Green Card because it won't pass in Congress  but languge of the law in the bill is same as GC only the name is RPI (  Registered Provisional  Immigrant) 

The word "Provisional" means you will  get ONLY ONE less BENEFIT as a Green Card holder..that is

RPI's are not eligible for means-tested public benefits and Obamacare benefits.

Both Status are define same by law ,Green Card / Registered Provisional Immigrant ----

RPI recipients are authorized to work and travel without having obtain a visa.

People granted RPI status shall be considered to have been admitted and lawfully present in the US.

RPI's are eligible to enlist in Armed Forces.

Spouses and children can qualify as RPI's dependent. ( only the principal RPI's need to be physically prsent on 12/31/2012 )

illegal haru ko lagi ta...golden key..
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