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Hyderabad History
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Hai.. I am the new user of Sahja.. I heard Sahja is a very good and popular site in Nepal.. I want to share and Know more news about Hyderabad..  

Hyderabad History:

Pre Qutub Shahi Period

Once upon a time - say 1000-1200AD - a dynasty called the Chalukyas used to rule a large chunk of South India, and thus the area that is now this city. There wasn't any city then, of course - it was just jungles with panthers prowling around.

Our landlord says he even saw some when he first came to this area, and we strongly believe he was alive at that time, and that he will never die. If you've read enough history (okay, sorry to have brought that up), you will know that every dynasty comes to an end, and that it is usually because of a woman.

Okay, ignore that last part - the only woman we know who is capable of bringing a dynasty or even a whole city to an end has fortunately stopped acting in Telugu movies, and we locals are starting to enter the theaters again.

So the Chalukya dynasty ended around 1200AD and the Kakatiya dynasty took this area over, ruling from Warangal, about 180km from Hyderabad. Around 1320AD, Mohammad Bin Tughlaq from Delhi invaded the Kakatiyas and everything got messed up after that, which resulted in the Bahmani Sultanate that operated from what is now Karnataka, slowly taking over the area, fighting neighbouring empires.

By about 1450AD, they were undisputed rulers. Yes, people fight a lot over land. They still do it in Hyderabad. To claim that a piece of land is yours in Hyderabad, for example in Madhapur or Shamshabad, many times you still need an army, even if you have all documents.

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