Posted by: SAP Dude January 30, 2013
Quitting Nepalese Citizineship
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On Topic ..

Foreign nationals are not allowed to own properties in Nepal. Once you become a foreign national (NRN) they have some ways for you to invest your newly earned money in Nepal. The NRN card may become handy for your new earned money but legally they can confiscate the property under your name once you become foreign citizen. Its a grey area in the send that its not practiced wide often. But lets say you are fighting with your brother for inheretence or he decides to take you to nepali court. Once he proves you are no longer a Nepali citizen all the bets are off.

Lets say you inherited the land and you have a dispute with your neighbour on the boundaries. You neighbor really wants to screw you and knows you are no longer a Nepali citizen. He takes you to court and you do not have any legal ground to fight for your inheritence.

One day when Babu Ram, Kamal Thapa or Ram Chandra needs more money they will take your land for sure.

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