Posted by: Passpor_Holder January 29, 2013
Quitting Nepalese Citizineship
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 Friends, last weekd I took citizenship oath of a new country I am living in. They give me new passport, while I handed over Nepalese passport they said I can have it.  I said as a Nepalese citizen (not anymore, feels emotional) I cant have two passports but they said they have no problem having me dual passports unless Nepa takes action.

I cam home with both the passports. I dont know what to do? Should I inform embassy here or I just keep Nepalese passport secretly? Malai mero desh ko dherai maya chha, ra pachhi gayer deshko lagi kehi garne ichchha pani chha. I think I can still do many things for Nepal if I want, acquiring foreign passport does not stop at all. I took this citizenship because it makes my life much easier and anyway I will be spending at least next 15-20 years here. I am 29 now.

I am just wondering, at one point its all illegal to have Nepalese passport on the other hand, I consoled myself saying that its ok, its harmless. what to do?
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