Posted by: devgan January 8, 2013
An Open Letter to Namrata Shrestha
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its funny though for amirkhan ji to write this letter
namrata jilai dherai bias nai bhayo
she had sex ,what is the prob, may be she didnt shave , that sounded funny for all,

but i agree with what she said to nepalese ppl,peple from government jobs ,when they visit foreign land , visit brothels tooeven though they have family, so what wrong with me when i have sex , thats true to some extent, i heard personally from friend when they were in bussiness trip they make sure they enjoy in foreign land.
sex rules man,nothing wrong with it

Do u guys remember when obamavisited coloumbia, all security agency disapperaed , what they were enjoying with coloumbian girls, same with some nepali bussiness organization, lol   
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