Posted by: freedom2012 December 27, 2012
Petition against Indian Government's role in the proliferation of rapists
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There is an Ape in every Rape. Asian culture cannot handle the modernisation process. Scantily clad girls are deemed as prostitutes. The other thing is that we have become such a regimented society that people have lost any fear to do things.
For example, back in 80s i remember in Nepal, if there was a robber or someone misbehaving, general public would get together and teach him a lesson. Now, noone bothers and just watches tamasha. I remember those times when one was walking at 1am in the morning along a street and you saw someone, you actually felt safe. Seeing another human used to be reassuring. These days you would feel scared. We need to revert back to the old times where as a society we took responsibility for safety to some extent. 
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