Posted by: bajara March 15, 2012
म त्यस्तो देश को नागरिक हो
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 patan, yes I am also in US and I do have duel feelings like you said.  I admit situation in nepal is not good but. But isn't that an oppertunity for us to do something good? For me the point of coming to US is learning the systems here, get some work expereince here and implement that in Nepal. I understand there are lots of things lacking in nepal to get it started but there i also see the oppertunity where I can use my knowledge and expereince. I do know of the risks and am aware I WILL not be able to accomplish this myself but that doesnt mean I go talk shit about nepal. Btw yes I am working with some other professionals like myself who are also interested in implementing the field in nepal. 

if you cant even do anything why even talk shit? If they dont even care why even bother talkin about it? Why does it matter to them what the situation in Nepal is, please tell me..Why do you care what the situation of Nepal is? If you are doing so because it is YOUR country, it is where YOU came from, doesnt it make you selfish and a hypocrite? or are you just not wanting to admit it?
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