Posted by: magorkhe1 February 11, 2012
A Nepali under US Federal Investigation
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Why only after death - we make them to god or saint.
Sai-baba the magician claimed himself a living god, Rajanish give himself Bhagawan sri Rajanish.

It has it's own meaning about living god. It has hidden meanings. All girls should be treated well in their childhood as we have culture to neglected and them, the motto behind it treat well. That is how I see it.

One time cow was giving us milk, ox and the fertilizer so to keep it safe and grow they make it absolute rule that they are holly. So did the Mohammad, pork is forgiven because it has tape worm and many people were killed and incurable at that time.

Yes, we become ultra-modern and we started analyzing the things with modern and scientific way, they have purely reason for that but took a path that nobody questions.
That will be co-relating to religion.

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